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Small Town Stories: Deary, Idaho

Deary, Idaho

BMS welcomes the small town of Deary, Idaho to our family! Deary, with its population of 505, has lumber homesteaders who made their way there during the 1880’s and 1890’s to thank for their rural northern Idaho lifestyle.

Timber, along with agriculture, remain the main industries of Deary since its establishment in 1907.

Deary is a product of the Potlatch Lumber Company, like many of its fellow communities along the Idaho railway such as Elk River, Bovill, and Potlatch. Unlike Potlatch, however, the town of Deary was created by the sale of lots which were to be lumbered and then cleared solely for the purpose of creating homelands. Read more >

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Preventing Employee and Workplace Fraud

Money cashDuring times of economic strife, employee theft and worker fraud increase. That’s because:

  • Difficult economic times mean more workers are burdened by financial stress.
  • Smaller staffs mean more responsibilities and fewer workers; therefore, fewer checks and balances.
  • Dissatisfied employees are unable to find different jobs due to a stressed job market.
  • More workers are seeing wage freezes despite rising cost of living expenses.

All of these circumstances can tempt some employees to be dishonest. This dishonesty can range from smaller forms of fraud such as exaggerated expense reports and time sheets, to more serious forms of fraud such as forged checks, faulty vendor reports, and even embezzlement. Read more >

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“Life is Sweet with Black Mountain Software” Contest Winner Announced

Codey Stocks, Contest Winner

We are excited to announce Codey Stocks as the winner of our “Life is Sweet with Black Mountain Software” prize drawing!  Codey is the Clerk/Treasurer for the Town of Dixon, Wyoming, which just happens to be a relatively new client of Black Mountain Software. The Town of Dixon purchased our utility billing and government financial accounting software this past summer, and Codey is currently in training on these products. She didn’t enter the drawing until November 7th, after receiving a reminder email that the contest end date was nearing.

On Monday, November 18th, when Codey’s name was drawn from the 145 entries we received through our online entry form, we knew we had to involve Donna Steele in the announcement.  Read more >

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Office Back Pain Prevention

We’ve talked about how headsets can prevent pains in the neck, and how monitors can prevent eye strain, but we have yet to talk about the “backbone” of work ergonomics: back pain prevention.

Because our backs are involved in every function we perform at work–sitting, standing, lifting, reaching, pushing and pulling–they are easily neglected, yet are such a vital part of our well-being and comfort.  As the cold weather slowly approaches and aches and pains seems to appear out of nowhere, now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your back health and apply these simple back pain prevention techniques.

When sitting

  • Be sure your workspace is adjusted to accommodate your height and seating position. 
Read more >
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