High Water Bill Have Your Customer Down?

water-bill copyIf you have the job title of Utility Billing Clerk, you have received – probably too many times to count – a phone call or visit from a customer about a “high” water bill. Usually, the causes of a water bill that reflects significant charges are beyond your control. But your response to the customer can be constructive and informative, helping get to the root of the water bill problem.

First, evaluate common causes of a high water bills:
• A leak that was concealed underground or behind a wall
• Victim to an act of vandalism
• An overestimated current reading or underestimated prior reading
• An incorrect meter reading
• Recent additions such as adding or filling a swimming pool or hot tub
• Addition of, or increase to, landscape and irrigation
• Increase of number of people or guests in the household

How to Mitigate the High Water Bill

If filling a pool was the issue, the customer may qualify to receive a partial credit on their sewer bill if their water account includes sewer billing. See Black Mountain’s information on how to adjust a bill if this is the case.

If irrigation was the cause of the problem, the customer’s bill can be lowered with a submeter. Contact Black Mountain Software to find out how to do this, or check for it on our free training calendar.

If the customer has a change in household size, let them know that they can estimate the effect on their usage and bill using the Bill Estimator and Water Calculator function in Black Mountain’s Utility Billing software.

A high water bill can leave a customer in high frustration, but with Black Mountain Software, you have powerful tools at your fingertips to help ease the situation.

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