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Use Your Head(set) and Avoid a Pain in the Neck

By: Julia Caro, Utility Billing Support Team Lead

Are you using a telephone headset on the job? Why and what kind?

Davin Blixt, Utility Billing Support Specialist, uses a cool over the ear wireless earpiece. With the number of calls he takes each day a regular telephone handset would definitely cause neck strain.

But beyond the mere ergonomics of it, there are many advantages headsets, for example, headsets allow Davin and other Utility Billing team members to immediately open up client files and computer tabs while on client calls.  Using a handheld phone while trying to do this would not only be difficult, but it would decrease efficiency, slow down the process, and decrease customer service.  Read more >

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All Roads Lead to Polson, MT: The Journey of Two New Hires

Based on popular feedback following the fall conference season, we’d like to highlight a couple of Black Mountain Software’s newest members of our team: David Morton, Customer Solutions Coordinator, and Pat Cook, County Support Specialist.  Both David and Pat have “been around the county block” so to speak, and have an exciting vision for the future development of Black Mountain Software’s county customers.

Though David says he is a bit embarrassed that his experience “shows so much” that he “could use some wrinkle cream,” he is proud that his journey began—and now continues—at Black Mountain Software.  As one of the first employees at BMS in 1993, David started his days working out of Vice President Jack Liebschutz’s converted garage.  Read more >

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Why Most Companies Lose 50% of Their Customers in Five Years

Did you know that the average company loses 50% of its customers over a 5-year period and only 10% of companies have an “excellent” service rating? (See Happy Camper info graphic below.) Black Mountain Software considers customer satisfaction so central to its way of doing business that these dismal statistics are hard for our team members to even wrap our heads around! Our customer retention and satisfaction scores are both excellent, but that doesn’t mean we’re sitting around in our easy chairs patting each other on the back. All of us here at Black Mountain Software are committed to working hard to continually improve. Read more >

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Aliteration, Not Literal: Combined and Compound Meters

Water MeterCombined meter and compound meter.  They sound alike, so they must be similar, right?  While these terms are sometimes (mistakenly) interchanged, the purpose of these meters drastically different. One regulates flow, while the other combines separate accounts to a single meter.  Do you know which is which?

A compound meter is used where high flow rates are necessary, but at times there are smaller rates of flow that still need to be accurately measured.

Compound meters have two measuring elements and a check valve to regulate flow between them. At high flow rates, water is normally diverted primarily or completely to the turbine-part of the meter. Read more >

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Good News: BMS’ Customer Satisfaction Survey

by Darlis Smith, BMS Marketing Manager

Not too many of us love taking surveys, or designing them and compiling piles of data–unless maybe you majored in market research! But both customers and companies typically realize that there are mutual benefits to customer satisfaction surveys.

At Black Mountain Software, we receive mostly very positive input on our utility billing software, fund accounting software and customer support surveys, but we still believe that no matter what the results are, each and every survey that is filled out and returned to us is “good news.” Why?

First, even if a customer’s survey would happen to have criticisms or show dissatisfaction, that’s important feedback for us to know. Read more >

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Lifelong learning: The benefits and the how-to

Coffee Shop, Learning Resource Centre, Edge Hi...

A schoolteacher of mine used to say, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”  Isn’t that so true?  Doesn’t learning ultimately always benefit over having someone do it for you?  Of course it does!  Why?

  • Learning helps us understand.
  • Learning keeps us sharp.
  • Learning makes us an asset at work.
  • Learning keeps us young and up to date on our ever-changing world.
  • Learning builds credibility.
  • Learning makes us enjoyable to work with.
  • An article in Government Technology outlined five ways to keep learning.    With so many options for learning—online, webinars, seminars, in a classroom, community programs, conferences, professional organizations, social media—there are ways for just about any one to expand their learning opportunities, but here are few suggestions:


    Read more >
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    The Parallel Between Retraining and the Telephone Game

    by Wayne Carriere, President of Black Mountain Software

    Telephone modele U43-MGR Lyon-IMG 9923

    Have you ever seen this demonstration? Half a dozen or more people are selected at random from an audience, then seated next to each other in a row of chairs onstage.  The host then whispers a message to the person sitting on one end of the row.  That person then whispers what they believe they heard to the next person, and so on down the row, until the last person has heard the message.

    The surprising outcome is the message heard at the end is completely different than the original message.  It’s called the “telephone” game, and it’s often used to demonstrate a point: each person emphasizes what they grasp as important, and that distorts the message. Read more >

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    Why are companies migrating to IVR systems?

    What’s hot? Interactive Voice Response. What’s not? Automated Telephoning Programs.

    Noticeably nearing extinction in 2012 is the use of Automated Telephoning Programs (ATP’s).  These programs, which often require special hardware, a dedicated phone line, and costly setup and maintenance, are being replaced by something much simpler, interactive, and more cost-effective: Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

    Why should I consider an IVR system?

    It’s a fact of our lives and jobs: technology changes and we change with it—usually for the better!  Today’s customers expect more from the companies they work with: shorter wait times, 24/7 payment processing, and access to their account(s) on-demand. Read more >

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