Onsite Data Storage Can Mean Big Risks

Natural Disasters. Hackers. Malfunctions. Disgruntled Employees.

These are just a few of the things that could lead to a data disaster and put your agency at risk of being unable to recover sensitive and necessary information.

Our data can feel safe, locked away and backed up on a server. But there are still plenty of risks that can be avoided by moving data to the Cloud. That’s because with the Cloud, there is no one single place the data is stored, making it less vulnerable to the following risks.

Risk Factors to Data

Natural Disasters

In the event of a natural disaster, any data stored on a stand-alone computer or server is vulnerable to loss. Read more >

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“The Best Town on Earth”

There are a lot of towns that claim this title, but Upton, Wyoming, actually owns the slogan: “The best town on Earth.” With its vast wildlife population, big-town amenities and rich history, it’s no wonder this little town claims the “best town” title.

 About Upton, Wyoming

 At only 2.96 square miles and with a population of only 1,100, the people in this Wyoming town are dramatically outnumbered by the vast wildlife. Because of the many lakes and streams outside the town’s borders, there is a number of fish species that feed the dense, local wildlife population.

 For the human population, this small little town packs a lot into its tiny footprint. Read more >

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Technology Trends in 2017 That Will Change the Way We Live

Despite our love for creature comforts, like the warm voice on the other end of the customer service line, or an office view that is more reminiscent of a mountain resort than a tech outfit, at heart we remain a software company, and therefore prone to technological innovation. So, as we watch the world change and technology with it, we are enthralled to think where it might take us—and our business—in the future.

Remember when technology trends seemed to have decades between them? The rapid evolution of technology is so quick these days that it seems to be changing yearly—sometimes even sooner. Read more >

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A Story of a Shovel and a Backhoe

We have a funny little saying we like to use here at Black Mountain Software: “Don’t use a shovel when you really need a backhoe.”

If you are asking yourself what that means, let us elaborate.

Shovels are great. They can get the job done, and require very little knowledge or education to use.  But, if you’re trying to dig a swimming pool, you will quickly find that it’s just not enough compared to the scale of the project.

Software, too, can be inadequate to complete the tasks needed for a city, school, utility or municipality efficiently. Often, we find that clients seeking new software are using a shovel, when what they really need is a backhoe. Read more >

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What To Do If You’re Getting the Paperless Pushback

Paperless Pushback-rev02The idea of going paperless is pretty revolutionary. It cuts down on waste, saves trees, is easier to organize, is easier to find, and creates a searchable document. It has been a topic of much discussion on our LinkedIn Group, The City Clerk Café, which is flooded with tips for successful implementation. So, why then, is there still pushback on going the paperless route?

Change takes time, and generations of individuals who have been working with paper for 10, 20, 30, even 40 years have a hard time exchanging a physical piece of paper for a virtual document. In addition, the prep work of scanning, storing, and organizing paperless information can be overwhelming to some. Read more >

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Prepping for Back to School in a Three Week Timeline

Back to School. Those three little words have the power to overwhelm almost immediately. The saying, “You eat an elephant one bite at a time” comes to mind when thinking about Back to School prep. As you and your family prepare to go from summer daze to school days, remember to do so by planning your to-do’s over the course of weeks, and not days, so you can digest that elephant one bite at a time.

A Back to School Preparation Timeline

3 weeks before school starts:

  • Begin with taking an inventory of your child’s clothing. Discard items that are too small by reselling or donating the items to charity (don’t forget to grab a receipt for end of year tax purposes!).
  • Read more >
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    Benefits of Going Paperless with a Tablet

    a storage room with Computer Network hub

    Tablets are quickly becoming every city administrator and office superstar’s favorite way to keep it all together in the office, abroad, and at conferences. You can keep all of your files in one place and the best part—it’s all portable! Since there’s been a lot of chatter about the benefits of going paperless with a tablet in our LinkedIn Group, City Clerk Café, we thought we would share these reasons to go paperless with you.

    Five Benefits of Going Paperless

    1. Cuts back on paper waste
    Not only does cutting back on paper waste benefit you because all of your files can be found in one place instead of scattered throughout various file folders, but it cuts back on the amount of paper you’re using in general. Read more >

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    Different Ways Local Governments Are Utilizing The Cloud

    Different Ways Local Governments Are Utilizing The CloudCloud computing usage by government agencies is on the “rise”, and that’s not just because of its name. While many agencies were hesitant to embrace the cloud in its early years due to security concerns, in recent years, cloud security has become as secure, and in many cases more secure, than on-premise solutions. That’s because a single-site back up is vulnerable to natural disasters and cyber attacks, where cloud-based data back ups are stored in numerous locations.
    In addition, with the influx of big data, data storage, and around the clock upgrades, cloud services are becoming more relevant for government agencies than ever before, increasing security, efficiency, and unlimited data storage. Read more >

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    Summer Lunch Ideas You Can Take to Work

    Summer Lunch-2-FinalLet’s be honest—we need fast, easy, and convenient ideas for work meals in summer to prevent us from unhealthy snacking and eating out. Finding healthy ideas can be easier said than done. A good recipe that takes only 5 to 20 minutes to prepare can help stimulate your appetite, mind, and taste buds while preparing you to take on the daily grind with a new, food-induced enthusiasm.

    BuzzFeed Recipes

    BuzzFeed is great for lists upon lists of anything, but most especially, recipe ideas! Here are a few to get you started:

    Read more >
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    The Problem With Cyber Security Hacks Is…Humans

    When selecting a technology provider, cyber security features and protocols are at the top of agencies’ considerations. But, as we described in an earlier article “Utilities are Vulnerable to Cyber Security Breaches Too!” http://www.blackmountainsoftware.com/2016/06/17/utilities-are-vulnerable-to-cyber-security-breaches-too/. But what is not often considered is the effect users of the technology have on cyber security.

    “Sometimes a clearly defined error is the only way to discover the truth,” Benjamin D. Wiker.

    More government agencies and users are finding this lesson out the hard way. Despite their aggressive security features, there is one common denominator in security breaches that can’t be managed by great software: users. Read more >

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