Benefits of Going Paperless with a Tablet

a storage room with Computer Network hub

Tablets are quickly becoming every city administrator and office superstar’s favorite way to keep it all together in the office, abroad, and at conferences. You can keep all of your files in one place and the best part—it’s all portable! Since there’s been a lot of chatter about the benefits of going paperless with a tablet in our LinkedIn Group, City Clerk Café, we thought we would share these reasons to go paperless with you.

Five Benefits of Going Paperless

1. Cuts back on paper waste
Not only does cutting back on paper waste benefit you because all of your files can be found in one place instead of scattered throughout various file folders, but it cuts back on the amount of paper you’re using in general. Read more >

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Different Ways Local Governments Are Utilizing The Cloud

Different Ways Local Governments Are Utilizing The CloudCloud computing usage by government agencies is on the “rise”, and that’s not just because of its name. While many agencies were hesitant to embrace the cloud in its early years due to security concerns, in recent years, cloud security has become as secure, and in many cases more secure, than on-premise solutions. That’s because a single-site back up is vulnerable to natural disasters and cyber attacks, where cloud-based data back ups are stored in numerous locations.
In addition, with the influx of big data, data storage, and around the clock upgrades, cloud services are becoming more relevant for government agencies than ever before, increasing security, efficiency, and unlimited data storage. Read more >

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Summer Lunch Ideas You Can Take to Work

Summer Lunch-2-FinalLet’s be honest—we need fast, easy, and convenient ideas for work meals in summer to prevent us from unhealthy snacking and eating out. Finding healthy ideas can be easier said than done. A good recipe that takes only 5 to 20 minutes to prepare can help stimulate your appetite, mind, and taste buds while preparing you to take on the daily grind with a new, food-induced enthusiasm.

BuzzFeed Recipes

BuzzFeed is great for lists upon lists of anything, but most especially, recipe ideas! Here are a few to get you started:

Read more >
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The Problem With Cyber Security Hacks Is…Humans

When selecting a technology provider, cyber security features and protocols are at the top of agencies’ considerations. But, as we described in an earlier article “Utilities are Vulnerable to Cyber Security Breaches Too!” But what is not often considered is the effect users of the technology have on cyber security.

“Sometimes a clearly defined error is the only way to discover the truth,” Benjamin D. Wiker.

More government agencies and users are finding this lesson out the hard way. Despite their aggressive security features, there is one common denominator in security breaches that can’t be managed by great software: users. Read more >

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Tips to Get You and Your Vehicle Road Ready for Summer Travelling

Road Trip Check ListSummer is here! And for many of us, this means piling our families into the car and setting out to explore new destinations or a favorite location. Maybe you plan to go camping, attend a family reunion beachside, or just want to get out of town for a few days. When planning when and where, consider the shape and condition of your family vehicle before hitting the road.

Before you travel hundreds of miles, get your vehicle maintenance up to date, and follow this quick checklist to put your mind at ease while you drive.

• Get your vehicle serviced
If your car is due for an oil change in a couple hundred miles, get it changed before leaving on your trip. Read more >

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Utilities Are Vulnerable to Cyber Security Breaches, Too!

Data Breach Unsecured Warning Sign ConceptIf you are one of the 56 million people who have suffered a breach to their credit records, credit card number, debit records, tax returns or other types of identity theft, then the idea of a data security breach is not very foreign to you. All sorts of data—not just retailer and tax data—is subject to cyber security hacks and breaches. Vulnerabilities to other lesser-considered systems that store delicate information (social security numbers and payment accounting information) such as utilities are becoming the new victims of data breaches.

In fact, these information breaches are happening all over the US: by a dishonest employee at a water sewer department in Southern California, from the stolen laptop of a utility worker at a North Carolina water department and by a contractor working at a Massachusetts water and sewer commission who lost a company hard drive. Read more >

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Prepping Your Office For a Vacation or Leave of Absence

Prep office for vacation-rev01
How do you truly vacate on a vacation? Well, that’s pretty hard to do if you are sitting on a sandy beach asking yourself, “Did I follow-up with Barb on that vendor agreement?” or, “Did I forget to set an out of office email reply?”

Properly preparing your office for a vacation or leave of absence not only helps you relax while on vacation, it can help you avoid unnecessary stress upon your return. These six tips for preparing your office for your departure will help you say Bon Voyage in the most stress-free way possible.

Six Tips for Prepping Your Office For Vacation or Leave

Break Your Schedule Down. Read more >

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Communicating in the Office

A recent recap of a friend’s management training experience inspired me to look into what has changed over a generation in how we communicate in the office and remotely to our customers.

The written word has been given a much better ride since electronic advancements came on the scene. Who remembers when words were spoken by a person of authority into a dictating machine and transcribed via typewriter by a clerical assistant? Who remembers carbon paper and correction fluid, or when Spellcheck was provided by a bound dictionary, or when female professionals were advised not to do their own typing?

Transitional electronics entered the scene around fifty years ago, when a computer occupied a room of its own. Read more >

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Technology?

When determining technology needs and upgrades, many important questions should be considered: Is this the right time to consider a change? How will this affect the agency’s daily workload? When should we do it? Is this right for our organization?

Changing software or technology can be a big deal. Despite what some vendors might say, it’s a significant change that requires a well-thought out plan and good decision-making that will lead to a beneficial long-term solution.

Five Key Questions to Ask Before Upgrading Your Agency’s Technology

1. How Much Will It Cost and Do We Have the Funds to Support an Upgrade?
Read more >

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How Schools Are Stretching Their Technology Dollars

Budget Button

Schools are used to doing more with less, and they never cease to amaze us. When you walk into a classroom filled with laptops, tablets and smart boards, it may seem impossible that schools are saving any money on technology at all. But, that’s where you’re wrong.

Innovative schools, especially charter schools that are able to tap into unconventional sources for funding, are finding ways to upgrade their technology while cutting their technology budgets.

The ability to use more technology in the classroom without dramatically increasing their technology budget is a win-win: teachers are able to tap into new sources for instruction and students are learning more with technology-driven lesson plans and instruction. Read more >

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