10 Depression Busters for the Winter Blues

Depression Busters for the Winter Blues 

I2014-10-03O-Nat’s supposed to be the happiest time of the year, but often, the mix of cold weather, overindulgence and the financial stress of the holidays can leave many feeling the winter blues.

If you are in a seasonal funk, there are a few things you can do to help improve your everyday mood. Check out our Ten Depression Busters, which can help brighten your spirits this holiday season and beyond.

Ten Depression Busters for the Winter Blues

  • Don’t overindulge. Winter holidays are synonymous with mashed potatoes and gravy, pies, desserts, and alcohol. What you eat and drink can have a huge impact on how you feel, so try to maintain as normal eating patterns as possible so you can feel your best.
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    Movember Foundation: Raising Funds and Awareness for Men’s Health


    It’s the month of November when it’s cool to be un-groomed. Many men love the opportunity to sport newly grown face fur, while many women dread the month-long, mismanaged facial hair debacle. But at the end of the day—or shall we say month—it’s all for a good cause: Movember!

    What is Movember?

    Movember is an organization committed to “changing the face of men’s health” one beard, mustache, or goatee at a time. The Movember Foundation raises funds for medical research and awareness for men’s health issues.

    What does Movember have to do with facial hair?

    Probably the most renowned event sponsored by the Movember Foundation is the growing of the mustache for men’s health awareness in the month of November. Read more >

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    Survival Guide for Local Government Budget Season

    Feel free to use this image, just link to www.SeniorLiving.Org  This microstock required lots of post processing to get the blue tint. I also needed a bounce card to  get more detail in the glasses.

    We said the “B” word: Budgets. They can be…well, a bugger. Long, complicated, and requiring a lot of analysis. A few “B” words came to our mind when thinking of budget: “boring,” “baffling,” and “bothersome.” But that’s ok, because we’ve pulled together a list of local government best budget practices that are the exact opposite–short and sweet–to assist with your budgeting success.


    A Clerk’s Survival Guide to Government Budget Planning

    Determine What Elements to Include In Your Annual Budget.

    Planning the annual budget is a long process, with many daunting tasks and thoughtful considerations. Some budgets are fairly straight forward, while others are specific and complex documents. Read more >

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    Keys to Good Customer Service in Eight Letters (CUSTOMER)


    We love customer service! We love working with clients, and getting to know them throughout the integration process. In honor of Customer Service Week, we thought we would publish our thoughts on what makes good customer service.

    No matter what your job or industry, there are always moments when we need to put on our customer service hats. That’s why these principles apply to everyone, no matter what product or service they deliver, and how often they interface with customers!

    Keys to Good Customer Service in Eight Letters

    C – Confidence. Being well-trained and knowledgeable, offering immediate answers, and having the ability and permission to deal with the issue at hand all creates a confidence with the customer that will keep them coming back. Read more >

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    Ease the Pain of ACA Reporting Requirements


    It’s every agency’s nightmare: more, new or changing federal reporting requirements. The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, reporting requirements are in effect, and we have until the beginning of next year to determine how to effectively and accurately report a variety of health care and employee information or face penalties and excise taxes.

    In order to successfully fulfill the ACA reporting requirements, it is important to understand what ACA reporting is, when it is required, what it involves, and what your software vendor is doing to assist with an easy transition. This most certainly will affect your administrative process, and the software tools and support to comply will be more important than ever. Read more >

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    When “Good” Back-Ups Go Bad—Will Your Data Really Survive An Unexpected Loss?

    At BMS, we want our tools and services to empower our clients, and provide them with unparalleled functionality and trusted reliability. We strive to craft products that can be counted on to perform seamlessly each and every day. Sometimes, however, our clients face technological glitches that are outside of our control, resulting in unexpected data loss. Some causes of this loss include outdated technology, power outages, or viruses/malware. Regardless of the cause, a data loss can set their operations back days, and sometimes even weeks, thereby costing invaluable time and money.

    BMS knows that, while data loss can happen to any client, the resulting headaches are 100% preventable. Read more >

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    Dealing with Personality Type A and B in the Workplace

    Photo Cred: http://www.simplypsychology.org/personality-a.html

    Photo Cred: http://www.simplypsychology.org/personality-a.html

    Which is better, personality type A or B? Well, that probably depends on your own personality type and job function.

    From the time we pick up our first color crayon, to the time we wave goodbye into retirement, we are taught to accept and applaud all personality types. But that can be difficult in a tight office where A’s and B’s commingle throughout the day on various tasks and projects.

    How do you know if you are a Type A or B? Let’s take a quick look!

    “A” stands for…

    Ambitious, Aggressive, Achievers. People with Type A personality traits are ambitious go-getters, but their way of doing things can often come off as controlling or aggressive. Read more >

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    Appointed Vs. Elected Clerks: Which is Better?

    ballot for elected officialRecently on our LinkedIn Group, The City Clerk Café, someone posed the question, “Which is better – elected or appointed clerks?” and asked for feedback regarding how their city clerk positions are filled and what the pros and cons are of each.

    We thought this brought up a great topic of debate and would like to share with you some of the benefits we (and fellow city clerks) came up with when it comes to both types of city officials.

    Pros to Appointed Clerks

    No campaign garbage. When a clerk is appointed, they don’t have to spend time campaigning and rallying, so there is no election mail, campaign flyers, and yard signs to produce, procure, and assemble just to end up in the landfill someday. Read more >

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    Is Your Customers’ Information Really Secure? Inadequate Policies May Be Putting You at Risk

    Privacy and security are hot-button words right now. We’ve seen endless media reports of retail data breaches, hacking, and identity theft. As a result, the public places an increasing importance on the safety and security of their personal information. At BMS, we understand the challenges our clients face when it comes to creating and maintaining adequate security measures. We also know that sometimes, these measures become out-of-date or inadequate to meet new dangers. We encourage all of our clients to periodically assess their security protocols so that they feel confident that they are best serving their own customers. Here are some tips to consider for both physical and electronic data:

    Physical Records and Information

    • Have a clearly defined protocol as to how physical records are kept and stored, as well as who has the authority to access them.
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    8 Tips to Get Your Family Back-to-School Ready

    back to schoolWe are fast approaching what some parents rejoice as the most wonderful time of the year. A new school year is just around the corner, and before we wallow in the joy of occupied children, we still need to get both our kids and our homes ready. Here are eight tips that will help you start the school year off right:

    • Schedule any medical and dental checkups now. By getting these out of the way, you will avoid any missed school time for appointments, or jockeying for those limited after-school slots.
    • Make sure your kids completed any summer reading assignments or projects.
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