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Preventing Employee and Workplace Fraud

Money cashDuring times of economic strife, employee theft and worker fraud increase. That’s because:

  • Difficult economic times mean more workers are burdened by financial stress.
  • Smaller staffs mean more responsibilities and fewer workers; therefore, fewer checks and balances.
  • Dissatisfied employees are unable to find different jobs due to a stressed job market.
  • More workers are seeing wage freezes despite rising cost of living expenses.

All of these circumstances can tempt some employees to be dishonest. This dishonesty can range from smaller forms of fraud such as exaggerated expense reports and time sheets, to more serious forms of fraud such as forged checks, faulty vendor reports, and even embezzlement. Read more >

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Black Mountain Software Video Series Highlighted in The Missoulian

Black Mountain Software is so excited to have been recently featured in the Montana newspaper, The Missoulian.  The Missoulian is the third-largest city newspaper in Montana, just behind the Billings Gazette and the Great Falls Tribune. We appreciate that this large newspaper would include stories from outlying towns such as Polson, which is 90 minutes north of Missoula, where the BMS Accounting Office is located.

YouTube Preview Image

The article discussed the making of the Small Town Stories Video Series, in which Black Mountain Software features exaggerated versions of the people and situations that City Clerks handle with grace each day; but not without mention of how Black Mountain Software gives these clerks the tools to accomplish an amazing variety of tasks with confidence and ease. Read more >

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