In 1988, Wayne Carriere began Black Mountain Software in Helena, Montana. His primary goal was to offer software products to Montana cities and towns. In 1991, he began collaborating with another software company, based in Polson, Montana. This company was co-founded by Jack Liebschutz and had developed a fund accounting system for cities and towns. In 1993, Wayne and Jack combined their two ventures and incorporated as Black Mountain Software, Inc.

By 1995, Black Mountain Software had become the vendor of choice for the majority of Montana cities and towns that were computerized. Vastly superior, integrated products were the basis for this success. Our rapid expansion in local government was a reflection of our dedication to high quality service, tremendous value for the money and attentiveness to the real needs of local government clients. This attentiveness to local—and, particularly, small town—governments stems from our own backgrounds; namely, the fact that most of us at Black Mountain hail from small towns. Not by accident, and as if to illustrate that truth, we currently serve as the vendor for approximately 92 percent of Montana cities and towns with populations between 500 and 10,000.

Don’t let our small town roots make you think we’re not capable of handling much larger clients, though. We continue to expand to serve the information management needs of local government across the nation. Our growing reputation for unequaled software products and superior service and support has garnered us not only clients in Montana, but in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Our growth has been both rapid and stable. We have 50 employees, more than 570 local government clients and a reputation for exceptional products and services. We have developed and support more than 30 separate software products. These products are noted for reliable and complete integration. They provide automation far beyond that offered by competing vendors. Our service and support are absolutely top quality: immediate, effective and reliable. Our packaging of services and value for the dollar has led the marketplace to a new standard and expectation.

We are proud of our strong track record of enhancing our software products to meet expanding client needs and evolving new standards. We work extremely hard to ensure that each of our clients is fully satisfied with our software, service and support. In assessing our suitability to provide your organization with software, we encourage you to contact any or all of our references. We’re confident that you’ll be positively persuaded by what they have to say.

Mission Statement

Deliver dynamic, integrated software. Ensure friendly, knowledgeable and professional support. Inspire, educate
and collaborate with our clients to strengthen government efficiencies and succeed in meeting the needs of citizens.

Value and respect our greatest asset; our employees. Foster an environment that ensures effectiveness, productivity,
satisfaction and happiness.

Commit to enduring sustainability and increase value through vigilant, strategic planning and execution.

Develop and maintain mutually beneficial, long-term client partnerships by providing quality solutions and excellent service.

Contribute to the enrichment of people and communities in which we live and work through charitable activities,donations and volunteerism.

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