Melissa Chowning, Sales team member at Black Mountain Software

Melissa Targerson

Sales Specialist & Accounts Receivable Manager

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.

– Aristotle


Melissa held administrative positions at two local law firms for eight years before coming to Black Mountain Software. Surviving the challenge of being an admin in “shark tank” settings spoke volumes for her when she applied for an administrative position at Black Mountain Software in 2000, but there was something else about Melissa that made her stand out from other candidates: her reputation as the Assistant Coach of the Polson High School Cheer Team. From 1991 to 2008, Melissa planned, choreographed, and taught two to three half-time performances per year for the PHS Cheerleaders to showcase the cheer, dance, gymnastic, and stunt elements she had helped teach them. During that time, the PHS Cheer Team was consistently among the most highly regarded in Montana. Who wouldn’t want that kind of dedication to excellence on their corporate team? Melissa moved on from her Administrative Assistant role to join the Sales team at BMS in 2009.

Small Town Story:

If you see a Western Montana fairgrounds overflowing with people, campers, barbeques, and activities, don’t assume there’s actually a fair going on – it might just be one of Melissa’s family reunions. She has a really large extended family that has required renting county fairgrounds for gatherings.

Community Service:

  • Polson High School Cheerleading Program: Advising and assisting when not coaching
  • Loves & Fishes Food Bank and local thrift shops: Donator and supporter
  • Polson ‘Clean Up, Green Up’: Roadside cleanup volunteer


  • Doesn’t plan on graduating from the “University of BMS” anytime soon; she likes it here too much to leave

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