Pat Cook

Pat Cook

County Support Specialist

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.

– Thumper, from the movie Bambi


Pat is the epitome of true Montana grit and grace in one petite package, so people are always surprised when they learn that she grew up in Salt Lake City. For decades, she has loved riding ATVs, hunting, and camping with family as often as she possibly can fit it into her schedule. But she also loves to use her mind and work with people, and she is tenacious in her commitment to providing great customer service.

Pat claims that her handwriting is what launched her career in municipal government.  She explains, “When I applied for a job at the Lake County Assessor’s Office in the 1970’s, I took several tests and provided a sample of my handwriting. At that time, the County Assessor was responsible for updating the tract books (i.e., handwritten ledgers). When property changed ownership, the new owner was added to the tract book history by name, recorded document number and legal description. I had good handwriting and that is what got me the job!” We suspect that she also aced the tests.  In 1982, Pat ran for Lake County Treasurer, motivated by the conviction that taxpayers and vehicle owners deserve great customer service. She held the elected position of County Treasurer for 24 years before retiring. . . only to shortly thereafter go to work providing great customer support at Black Mountain Software.

Small Town Story:

Here is just one of Pat’s many small town stories that stem from years of working in public service: “While serving as the elected Lake County Treasurer, I also somehow became Animal Control. Dogs were not allowed in the courthouse unless they were special needs dogs. I was the person that staff members in other courthouse offices would call to confront owners that brought an animal into the courthouse. The Motor Vehicle Department was very busy one day when I was called to their counter because someone in line had a large dog. I came to the counter and said, “Excuse me, sir, but unless that is a special needs dog you will have to take him out!” He just looked at me and smiled. I asked, “Well, is it a special needs dog?” He answered, “Yes, he needs me and I need him!” The whole place erupted in laughter and good naturedly, he took his dog out!”

Community Service:

  • Ronan & Pablo Public Schools: When her four children were in school, Pat was a school volunteer and even served as PTA Secretary
  • Lake County Republicans: Former Secretary
  • St. Luke’s Hospital: Knitted hats for preemies in the ICU


  • Attended LDS Business College

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