Document Indexing (for Montana Counties)

Document indexing software designed to make your life easier.

  • Easily maintains document recording and indexing
  • Quickly search for documents of any type
  • Built-in document scanning for fast recording
  • Amazing support to help you every step of the way

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We love Document Indexing

From the moment documents are presented for recording, Black Mountain’s Document Indexing system goes to work. The system is flexible enough to maintain most existing recording processes, provides complete indexing capability, built-in integrated document scanning and viewing, and a variety of queries and reports so you can find related documents. The system is preprogrammed to handle Montana recording fees.

Show Document Indexing Features
  • Maintain Document Recording And Indexing Database
    • Maintain complete document including: unique Document number, Date and Time of actual recording, actual Document Date, Kind of Instrument, number of Pages, 5 different types of Fees, Charge customer, Deliver to/Return to name and address information and Property tax ID number.
    • Maintain unlimited number of Grantors, Grantees, other document references, Misc. legal lines/information, re-namable field, and misc. notes.
    • Maintain unlimited number of specific Township-Range-Section quarter, quarter, quarter description, unlimited subdivision descriptions.
  • Affix Recording Information To Document By – Options are:
    • Printing to a 4x1” label to an Eltron (brand) label printer.
    • Printing to 8.5 x 11 blank label stock to create an 8×5/16ths inch printed area that is then cut and applied to document – fits top and edges easier when little space available.
  • Optional Built In Document Scanning – System supports scanners using TWAIN drivers. Supports multi-page, duplexer (two sided) scanning. Allows for re-scanning of entire document, selected page(s) or removal of scanned pages if necessary.
  • Collect Other Fees – Miscellaneous receipts function allows fees such as copies, certified copies, etc. to be collected and included in reporting of total daily fees for cash reconciliation.
  • Public or Internal Inquiry Access – Provides Indexes or document ordering by:
    • Grantor
    • Grantee
    • Township/Range/Range
    • Subdivision, Lot, Block
    • Legal Text
    • Document Number
    • Recording Date
    • Book and Page
    • Tax ID #
    • Advanced Search
    • Public can perform real time inquiry on documents clerk is still entering that returns Doc #, Kind of instrument, Grantor and Grantee
  • View and Print Scanned Images – From any document record, instantly view each page of the scanned document. While viewing image print all pages or selected pages in a single action.

Built-in Reports

Show Reports
  • Advanced Search – use a combination of values to return a specific group of records. Combine values such as:
    • Township, Range, Section, Quarter, Quarter/Quarter and Quarter/Quarter/Quarter
    • Subdivision, Block, Lot
    • Grantor
    • Grantee
    • Recording Date Range
    • Kind of Instrument
    • Printing Advance Search Results – Options are:
    • Single selected Record
    • List of all returned records with key information
    • List of all returned records with complete detail
  • Fee and Reception Edit List – provides data entry proofing tool
  • Fee and Reception History – provides complete information on each document and can be run by recording date range
  • Daily Recap Report – provides for reconciliation of fees collected using fee type break out and indicating cash or charge
  • Summarized Recap Report – Run by Date range, typically for a month. Shows total fees per day with fee type broken out

Download more details in our Printable Document Indexing PDF


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What Our Customers Are Saying:

You are absolutely great with help and understanding. Without your help and without your software I would be up a creek without a paddle and with many sleepless nights and would need to take some stress relief pills.

Sharon S.–Clerk, Montana

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