Black Mountain’s Redaction add-on module provides an important additional feature to make our Document Indexing software even more indispensable to your Montana County: the ability to conceal private or sensitive text prior to a document’s publication. Because we would like all of our Counties that use BMS Document Indexing to be able to redact documents quickly and easily, this module is priced to fit any budget, with a low one-time fee per each workstation that requires the capability.

Printable Redaction PDF


Conceal private or sensitive text from a document prior to publication or release

  • Reduce risk to your organization
  • Ensure regulation compliance
  • Prevent identity theft and fraud
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Reduce errors
  • Save time

Easy to use

  • Within the Scanning process in Document Indexing, just click on Redact to get started
  • Use your mouse to draw a box around the information to redact
  • Click Publish, and your selection will show as a black box, totally concealing the sensitive text

Easy to undo

  • All requests for the selected document will return the redacted version
  • If there is a need to undo the redaction or view the original document, click Restore Original

One low price, on-going free support

  • Redaction functionality can be added to your BMS Document Indexing software for a low one-time fee per each workstation that requires the capability
  • Initial installation and training are included, and support is on-going


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