Purchase Orders

Black Mountain’s Purchase Orders is completely integrated with Accounting. The two systems together provide you the flexibility to handle any of many purchasing situations; partial deliveries, price changes, unknown freight amounts, cancelled orders and more.

The impact of a pending purchase is reflected in your budget immediately even though delivery and payment is months away. Your budget balance will reflect what’s really available right now; making managing expenditures accurate and easier.

Printable Purchase Orders PDF


  • E-mail or Fax – directly to the vendor with just a few clicks of the mouse. Of course you can quickly print a copy for mail or file.
  • Automatically Generates appropriate accounting – even when PO crosses fiscal years. Example: Purchase order is created in one fiscal year and delivery and payment does not occur until the next.
  • Make informed purchase decisions based on real available budgets – Budget report show total committed. Total committed is the combination of purchase amounts paid plus amounts committed to the purchase of items ordered with Pos or other encumbrance documents.
  • Full Integration – PO’s are fully and completely integrated with our accounts payable system as well as being integrated with an available paperless requisition system.
  • Vendors with multiple outstanding Purchase orders – Pay for multiple purchase orders and partial purchase orders with a single check to the vendor. The payment process automatically looks for outstanding PO’s for the vendor allowing you to choose to pay for all items on a PO, several PO’s or individual lines from one or more PO’s.
  • Vendor and Other On Line Queries – if Purchase order is partially or fully paid one click will display the payment information detail.
  • Ease of entry – Item entry is a snap including entry of expenditure lines. Accounting distribution can be preset by vendor, preset for each line you enter until you need to change or each individual line can be added as needed.
  • Encumbrance Documents – The Encumbrance Documents are used to encumber budget appropriations not done through the Purchase Order process.


  • Purchase Order List
  • Outstanding Purchase Order List
  • Current Year Budget Detail
  • Year End Open POs
  • Budget vs. Actual
  • Budget vs. Actual with ORGs (by Department or Organization account code)
  • Vendor Order Address List

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