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  • Manage special district annual assessments
  • Manage improvement district assessments paid over a number of years
  • Calculations can be serial, amortized, or manually entered
  • Maintenance assessments can be rolled over year to year
  • Billing can be transferred by file to your billing entity

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The SAMSID solution you’ve been searching for

Black Mountain Software’s SAMSID [Special Assessment Manager (SAM) and Special Improvement District (SID)] software module enables management of both maintenance and improvement district assessments by providing: multiple assessment methods, interest calculation options, pre-payments, and penalty and interest calculations. Records are easy to find using the built-in queries and property searches. Easy upload of receipt files and transferring of billing files helps city clerks work quickly and seamlessly with other entities.

Show SAMSID Features
  • Special Assessment Records – manage both maintenance and improvement districts.
  • Four Assessment Methods – create a district using any one of the following:
    • Proportional units such as area, taxable value, or frontage
    • Rate codes such as residential, commercial, etc.
    • Flat amount
    • Fixed rate per proportional unit
  • Receipting – take full or partial payments. Assessments can be receipted individually or through a batch entry document.
  • Prepayment Calculation – Easily calculate, in advance, principle payoffs. Option to take partial payments on balance of principle.
  • Penalty and Interest Assessments on Delinquent Taxes – System calculates based on date of payment. Percentage entered by user.
  • Interest calculations may be one of the following:
    • Serial (Principal amount per payment equal over life of SID)
    • Amortized (Payment amount equal over life of SID)
    • Summary Finances (Principal and Interest payments are set up for SID and individual properties calculated from master schedule)
    • Parcel Finances (Principal and Interest payments are setup for individual parcels)
    • Recalculation of SID schedules due to variable interest rate – rebuilds remaining unbilled principle and interest amortization table -based on new rate.
  • Form Letters – Provides merge data fields so Microsoft Word™ merge can be used to create custom delinquent, assessment, or other types of notices.
  • Transfer information to/from counties using Black Mountain Software systems –This includes download of annual name/address updates and receipt information and upload of annual assessment information. May be customized for links to other software.
  • Payment History Query – information available onscreen by assessment.
  • Tax Query – showing property information, tax amount by due date, and status (paid, unpaid), assessment lines to be paid. Tax payments may be calculated by setting the payment (interest) date.
  • Search for Properties – Tax ID, Name, In Care of Name, Geo Code, Township/Range/Section or Subdivision.
  • Tax ID Number – able to edit as needed.
  • Accounting Integration – System journalizes all receipt entries for posting to the BMS general ledger.
  • Capitalization of Interest – when bond payments are due in advance of assessments being billed, interest may be capitalized over the life of the SID.
  • Defer property assessment billing – Individual properties may be marked to exclude them from billing.

Built-in Reports

SAMSID reports are easy to generate and help you make smarter decisions.

Show Reports
  • Name, Address, Legal Reports:
    • Name & Address List
    • Name & In Care Of Name List
    • Name & Legal Listing
  • Assessment Reports:
    • Assessment Detail
    • Assessment Detail by Rate Code
    • Assessment Notice
    • Assessed Value Recap
    • Subdivision Assessment Detail
    • Subdivision Assessed and Total Values
    • Subdivision Detail for Assessed and Total Values
  • Certified Balance Proof Report
  • Billing Detail
  • Receipt Reports:
    • Receipt Detail
    • Daily Receipt Summary
    • Receipt History
  • Tax/Assessment Reconciliation
  • Tax Statements
  • Mailing Labels
  • Uncollected Taxes:
    • Uncollected Detail Report
    • Uncollected Reconciliation Report
    • Recap by SA/SI#
    • Recap by Year
  • Tax Roll Book
  • SID Reports:
    • SID Roll Book
    • SID Payoff Detail Report
    • SID Payoff Summary Report by Taxpayer
    • SID Payoff Summary Report by SID/Taxpayer
    • SID Finance Schedule Summary Report
    • SID Finance Schedule Detail Report
    • SID Assessment Summary
    • SID Unbilled Assessments by Fund, Year
    • Deferred Principle Balances (Detail by SID)
    • Deferred Principal Balances (Summary by SID)
    • Deferred Principal Balances (Summary by Taxpayer)
    • Deferred Property Amounts – Balances by SID
    • Deferred Property Amounts – Balances by Fund
  • Form Letters
  • Accounting Reports:
    • JV Summary
    • Billing JV Listing
    • Receipt JV Listing
    • SAM/SID Accounting Reconciliation Report

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