Mobile Asset Tracking

Mobile Asset Tracking is a powerful sub-module for our Asset Manager application. It provides a fast and easy way to establish location and existence of assets or your valuable non-capitalized asset inventory with:

  • Barcode inventory scanning via laptop and a barcode scanner (either USB or wireless that emulates keyboard input)
  • Inventory scanning is portable and easy to use without buying a more expensive handheld terminal/wireless reader
  • Use Code 128 barcode high-density labeling to allow for use on even very small items
  • Audible “Item Scanned” confirmation feature ensures accuracy so moving to next item is done with confidence
  • System allows manual entry of tag number if barcode tag or barcode scanner is not available
  • Simple, easy add-on module to your existing Asset Manager software
  • Scanner requirements to be compatible with the M.A.T program:
    • A keyboard wedge with a carriage return included or that can be programmed to it


  • Scanned Items not in Fixed Assets Report provides a list of items scanned by the Mobile Asset Tracker, but which are not listed in the fixed asset system
  • Tags where Location, Building, Room Changed provides a list of items where the asset item location, building or room recorded in fixed assets does not match the location, building or room recorded in mobile asset tracker
  • Inventory by Location, Building, Room provides a physical list of items including signature line for approval signatures if paper records must be kept and approved
  • Inventory by Tag produces a list of non-capitalized assets

Printable Mobile Asset Tracking PDF 

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