Remote Requisitions

Remote Requisitions eliminates back and forth paper pushing when multiple people are involved in the purchase approval process. This application is completely integrated with Purchase Orders and Accounting, and automates the approval process allowing quicker approvals for pending requisitions. Once authorized, requisitions are quickly upgraded to purchase orders.


  • Clerk saves time – efforts made to create a purchase order or requisition order on paper are utilized to create the document in the system:

-Eliminate the duplicate effort of writing out the paper purchase order before it is entered into the system.
-A simple command allows approved requisitions to be turned into purchase orders.
-Provides a trackable accountable process to replace handling paper requisitions through the approval process.
-Employees already using computers as part of their jobs can easily learn the data entry process.
-Approved remote requisitions are available to the clerk for conversion to an encumbered purchase order eliminating many hours of data entry.
-Purchase orders can be emailed directly to the vendor, or printed and mailed.
-Provides the opportunity to eliminate your need to maintain, handle, or archive paper purchase orders and requisitions.

  • Security – ensures privacy and data safety.

-Employees use a security password to log into the requisition system.
-Access is restricted to just the Remote Requisitions function needed by the employee.

  • Supervisor Benefit – eliminates the pile of paper POs/requisitions that must be handled.

-Supervisors easily log into the system to review, edit, approve requisitions.
-Warnings are provided that indicate when total YTD expenditures, encumbrances and the new requisition will exceed the budget for a line item.
-Entries made by employees will always be legible – no more wondering what was hand written.
-During approval supervisors will still see only those requisitions requiring their approval. This is accomplished by tying the supervisor login to departments or ORGs.
-Multiple approval levels can be set based on amount of the requisition. For example requisitions of over $500 may need the approval of both the principal and the superintendent. In this case the requisition will not be available to the clerk for conversion to a Purchase Order until both supervisors have approved it.

eAccess* Remote Requisitions

Go beyond your desktop with eAccess. Utilize your laptop for easy, convenient access via BMS Cloud Hosting to Remote Requisitions software. There’s no RDP to set up or application to install. BMS simply provides you a website link that delivers instantaneous access anytime and anywhere you have internet connection. It’s safe, secure, and delivers added capabilities and efficiencies.


  • Requisition Budget Detail
  • Requisition Budget Summary
  • Requisition/Purchase Order Information

* eAccess is only available with BMS Cloud Hosting. Variations of some mobile internet devices may affect software compatibility and limit functions.

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