Our Small City of Helena MT

With its “Montana Rockies” landscape, endless outdoor activities, and a culture rich in both history and the arts, Helena, Montana, sets itself apart from the 49 other state capitals in a way that can be described in three words: historic, comfortable, and friendly.
“State capital with a friendly, small-town feel” is how residents of Helena describe it. Even though Helena has around 30,000 residents, it feels much smaller than that. In the outskirts of Helena, a “crowded” weekend on the lake describes three other campers onsite.

Helena is rich in history, yet blended with the present, boasting of the famous “Westside Mansion District,” a downtown Pedestrian Walking Mall, restored pioneer dwellings, and a charming Victorian feel.

Known as the “heartbeat of Montana”, Helena is a city filled with such a diverse mix of community, spirit, festivals, theater, museums, and rodeos, that just about anyone could feel at home here. Come to think of it, Helena is synonymous with “home,” and is the “home” of Black Mountain Software’s utility billing operations. In fact, Black Mountain Software is aptly named after the “Black Mountain,” which resides just outside of Helena, above Colorado Gulch.

If you ever get the chance to visit Helena, don’t miss out on the rubber-tired Last Chance Tour Train, the St. Helena Cathedral (a “Notre Dame-worthy” church and replica of the Votive Church in Vienna), the Last Chance Ranch Wagonride to teepees above town, and the Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine where part of the 3.6 billion in gold and sapphire was mined in the 1800’s.

Helena’s deep mining history dates back to the “Four Georgians” who stumbled across gold in what is now Helena’s main street, and they named the claim, “Last Chance Gulch.” Through the appeal of Helena outlasted the 50 millionaires that settled in Helena by 1888, Helena now has a new nickname: “Capital of The Last Best Place.” After all, Helena is a place where small town friendships, outdoor comfort, and historic ambiance all come together.

Your turn! Do you have a story about your small town you’d like to share with us? Comment with what makes your small town special and we may include it in our next small town series.

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