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Because You Wouldn’t Use a Spoon to Shovel Your Driveway – Fund Accounting Software

We’ve all heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  So, why would a customer consider switching to Black Mountain Software (BMS) if they’ve always used QuickBooks?  While QuickBooks may be “working just fine” for your agency, providing clerks with software that will help them be more efficient and accurate means higher productivity, better accuracy, and less frustration for everybody.

How so?  Well, you wouldn’t buy wheelbarrows and shovels for a street superintendent when front-end loaders and dump trucks are needed.  The same idea stands here: why would you use software designed for the accounting needs of very small businesses, when there is a customized solution, specifically made for government clerks available? Read more >

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3 Things Every Utility Billing Clerk Should Know–And Develop!

by Jennifer Carlson, BMS Installation Team Lead/Senior Support Specialist

Timeliness. Accuracy. Multi-tasking. If these three words weren’t outlined in the job description for your utility billing job, you will soon find out they should have been!

The complexity and performance demand required to be a good utility billing clerk is often overlooked and underplayed. Mostly–we’d like to think–because utility billing clerks make it look so easy! But if you are able to keep these three things in mind as you develop your skills and processes, you will establish yourself as a reliable, credible, and trustworthy asset to the utility billing world. Read more >

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Behind the Scenes: Our “Small Town Stories” Video


The “Small Town Stories” video vignette on our website gives visitors a 4-minute glimpse into the work life of an everyday hero, fictional Bloomfield USA City Clerk, Becky Keller. People who have called Black Mountain Software to tell us how much they enjoy the video also ask a lot of questions about it. They want to know how we came up with the idea, who the actors are, where it was filmed, and more. For those inquiring minds, here’s the “Hollywood Insider” scoop on our video.

Several months ago, Black Mountain partnered with Flying Horse Communication of Bozeman, Montana, to develop a new website with enhanced search engine optimization (SEO). Read more >

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Why are companies migrating to IVR systems?

What’s hot? Interactive Voice Response. What’s not? Automated Telephoning Programs.

Noticeably nearing extinction in 2012 is the use of Automated Telephoning Programs (ATP’s).  These programs, which often require special hardware, a dedicated phone line, and costly setup and maintenance, are being replaced by something much simpler, interactive, and more cost-effective: Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Why should I consider an IVR system?

It’s a fact of our lives and jobs: technology changes and we change with it—usually for the better!  Today’s customers expect more from the companies they work with: shorter wait times, 24/7 payment processing, and access to their account(s) on-demand. Read more >

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