3 Things Every Utility Billing Clerk Should Know–And Develop!

Black Mountain Software Utility Billing Team

by Jennifer Carlson, BMS Installation Team Lead/Senior Support Specialist

Timeliness. Accuracy. Multi-tasking. If these three words weren’t outlined in the job description for your utility billing job, you will soon find out they should have been!

The complexity and performance demand required to be a good utility billing clerk is often overlooked and underplayed. Mostly–we’d like to think–because utility billing clerks make it look so easy! But if you are able to keep these three things in mind as you develop your skills and processes, you will establish yourself as a reliable, credible, and trustworthy asset to the utility billing world.

Three Things Every Utility Billing Clerk Should Know–And Develop!

1. Timeliness. Billing customers is a significant task. Some may consider it overwhelming. When you are new to the job, it is extremely important to know when your entity runs processes for readings, penalties, billing, late notices, etc.

Tips for being more timely: The job becomes less cumbersome when processes are identified and scheduled. If you are unsure what needs to be done and when, talk to other employees, or other clerks in towns around you. To help remember when to do things, set up tasks in Utility Billing that will remind you of an important task to be addressed. Another way to keep you on track is to create a calendar for each month outlining which days are special or important, and keep the calendar in a place where you will see it every day.

2. Accuracy. Once you know your schedule of tasks within the job, executing those tasks accurately is critical. There is a lot of pressure to make sure your customers receive their bill at the same time of every month, and that their bills are correct.

Tips for being more accurate: It is your job to check and double check their readings, usage, and payments to guarantee that their bills are accurate. If you are ever unsure of what something should be, ask questions. Try to never assume, as you are in total control of what a customer gets billed. Utility Billing has many reports to run that will show readings, usage, payments, etc. to verify that accounts are correct at any point in the month.

3. Ability to multi-task. Interruptions are a part of the daily grind for a utility billing clerk; whether it’s the phone ringing or customers coming into the office to pay their bills, it always happens! It is very important to be able to be interrupted and yet, come back and finish what was started.

Tips for multi-tasking: Some days are more of a struggle than others, but you can use utility billing as a tool to keep you on track. As stated before, you can set up tasks to remember what needs to be done and when. You can also set up wizards that will help you remember all steps to reports.

Join the conversation! What are your tips for staying timely, accurate, and multi-tasking?

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