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8 Factors to Consider When Evaluating Software Vendors

All software vendors are not equal, and it’s not just price that differentiates vendors.  While the differences may not seem readily apparent, the quality of the relationship between client and vendor relies heavily on the subtleties of the software.

Careful selection of a software vendor should take into consideration these factors: product quality, efficiency, usability, error correction, client support, service, on-site installation, and enhancements.

Although a decision about which vendor and products to select takes weeks or sometimes months, the result of that decision may affect your operation for many years to come. A poor choice may result in dissatisfaction, frustration, and poor support for the life of the software.  Avoid this by carefully evaluating your software vendor using these factors. Read more >

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Behind The Scenes: Black Mountain Software’s Tea Campaign

by: David Tyler, BMS Marketing Manager

Black Mountain Software has a long history of giving away nice little gifts through direct mail marketing campaigns and at municipal and school conferences. For example:

  • 2011 iTunes-type gift card for a free downloadable song
  • 2010 Tin of refreshing mints
  • 2009 (Spring) Black Mountain Software cookies
  • 2009 (Autumn) Black Mountain Gourmet Blend coffee
  • 2008 Black Mountain microwave popcorn

Pretty cool stuff! But being new to the company and knowing how expensive direct mail campaigns are, I hesitated last fall before jumping right into plans for another giveaway.  A chat with our Sales team didn’t reveal a lot of solid compelling sales data from past campaigns, but what it did reveal is a strong feeling that the gift items have helped boost our brand recognition and BMS’ positioning as a friendly, service-oriented company that really cares about our customers.  Being a huge believer in the importance of brand strength and positioning, that was enough for me–we launched into plans for a 2012 direct mail and conference giveaway campaign. Read more >

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It IS easy to be green!

This year, for Earth Day, Black Mountain Software’s offices are spreading a little green–literally–by planting trees! The Utility Billing office in Helena will be planting trees and shrubs around the perimeter of their office building, while the Accounting office in Polson will remove a dead tree outside their office and replace it with a new one. Some Accounting staff members also plan to be getting their hands dirty in the Polson Community Garden, which helps feed local families with donations to the local food bank.

Are you looking for easy ways to “green” your business all year long, while also saving time and money? Read more >

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Our Small Town: Polson, Montana

Where can you take in the mountain air over a cup of coffee, bird watch for hawks and eagles during lunch, pause for deer crossings on your way home from work, and maybe even encounter the fable of a 7-1/2 foot sturgeon in between? Nowhere other than Polson, Montana; one of two homes of Black Mountain Software.

Most of our customers live in small cities and towns, each with their own charm and personality.  Our home in Polson isn’t much different.  The 5,000 residents of our town boast of Polson’s large-scale natural beauty set in a small town atmosphere.

So small, in fact, that being “on a first name basis” doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Whether it’s a friend helping another friend out of a jam, or the local police officer giving a friendly reminder to slow down at a new stop sign, Polson is a place where friends and community come together. Read more >

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How to be More Productive at Work in 10 Steps

clock imageAn hour of planning is worth four hours of doing.  Yes, it’s true.  But for those of us who tend to “put something together before reading the instructions,” occasional gentle reminders of how to effectively plan our day can be a huge help.

 “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort” (Paul J. Meyer).   In order to get the most out of your day, we put together a list of ten tips for a more productive work place.  Ready. Set. Do!

1.  Get more organized.  Organizing your files and desk will cut down on the amount of time used looking for missing pieces, finding a pencil, or cross-referencing documents.  Black Mountain Software offers a variety of tools to help with organization, such as searchable, digitized documentation. Read more >

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The Parallel Between Retraining and the Telephone Game

by Wayne Carriere, President of Black Mountain Software

Telephone modele U43-MGR Lyon-IMG 9923

Have you ever seen this demonstration? Half a dozen or more people are selected at random from an audience, then seated next to each other in a row of chairs onstage.  The host then whispers a message to the person sitting on one end of the row.  That person then whispers what they believe they heard to the next person, and so on down the row, until the last person has heard the message.

The surprising outcome is the message heard at the end is completely different than the original message.  It’s called the “telephone” game, and it’s often used to demonstrate a point: each person emphasizes what they grasp as important, and that distorts the message. Read more >

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