Our Small Town: Polson, Montana

The local officers give Black Mountain Software employee Shelley a friendly reminder to come to a complete stop after a new Stop sign is put into place.

Where can you take in the mountain air over a cup of coffee, bird watch for hawks and eagles during lunch, pause for deer crossings on your way home from work, and maybe even encounter the fable of a 7-1/2 foot sturgeon in between? Nowhere other than Polson, Montana; one of two homes of Black Mountain Software.

Most of our customers live in small cities and towns, each with their own charm and personality.  Our home in Polson isn’t much different.  The 5,000 residents of our town boast of Polson’s large-scale natural beauty set in a small town atmosphere.

So small, in fact, that being “on a first name basis” doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Whether it’s a friend helping another friend out of a jam, or the local police officer giving a friendly reminder to slow down at a new stop sign, Polson is a place where friends and community come together.

The “Mansion on the Hill”

Black Mountain Software’s Polson office (described by Polsonites as the “Mansion on the Hill”) was originally designed as a personal residence, but space in the building is now being leased to local companies who have out-grown the commercial space available in Polson. With its impressive views of Flathead Lake and the Mission Mountains, it encompasses the same charm and beauty that make Polson a desirable place to live.

Because of Polson’s vast geological features, recreation and the “good life” go hand-in-hand.  Polson is home to one of Montana’s most fertile farming areas, numerous cherry orchards, and a landscape trimmed in snow-capped mountains.

If you ever get a chance to visit Polson, don’t miss out on the Annual Cherry Festival, whitewater rafting on Flathead River, The National Bison Range Rescue, bird watching at Ninepipes and Pablo Wildlife Refuge, and Polson’s two historical museums.  You might even learn something about the legend of the “Nessie, the Flathead Monster,” whose tale has captivated visitors for more than 100 years.

Tell us about your small town and what makes it special.  We just might feature it in an upcoming article.

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