It IS easy to be green!

This year, for Earth Day, Black Mountain Software’s offices are spreading a little green–literally–by planting trees! The Utility Billing office in Helena will be planting trees and shrubs around the perimeter of their office building, while the Accounting office in Polson will remove a dead tree outside their office and replace it with a new one. Some Accounting staff members also plan to be getting their hands dirty in the Polson Community Garden, which helps feed local families with donations to the local food bank.

Are you looking for easy ways to “green” your business all year long, while also saving time and money?

Here are a few more ideas of from Black Mountain Software.  While we are always concerned and committed to workplace efficiency, we are also always finding ways to make our office, and yours, more environmentally friendly.  We have found some simple solutions that are not only better for the environment, but can also help save time and money.

Let us share with you some of these simple solutions for a greener office, and we hope you will share some of your ideas with us!  Just post your feedback in the comments below!

Black Mountain Software Tips for A Greener Office

  • Black Mountain Software enforces a strict recycling policy.  Our office paper is shredded and recycled at paper mills, pet stores, and compost companies using a service called Tear It Up, LLC.
  • We utilize electronic documentation instead of print mail or scanner processing.  All of our reports are also sent electronically using the “email” option, instead of printed, scanned, or mailed.  You can do this too with your Black Mountain Software!
  • Our customer service headsets use recyclable batteries—the backups of which are replaceable—helping reduce electronic waste.
  • We donate a portion of our used electronic equipment and computers to less fortunate kids and local school districts.
  • Our billing solutions allow us to automate bank drafting, which cuts production and delivery of bills, and saves on transportation, paper, and processing. Contact our offices to find out how E-Bills and Automated Bank Drafting could work for you.
  • We deliver our software electronically to our customers—meaning no discs or boxes to throw away, and no transportation required.  We also provide our training online to reduce the environmental cost of traveling.
  • All of our manuals are electronic, so updates can be made without the cost of printing a hefty paper copy each time.
  • When available and reasonable, we purchase environmentally friendly equipment.  This equipment is evaluated using Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tools (EPEAT) guidelines and Energy Save options.

Small things can make a large impact.  We are committed to solutions that improve efficiency while also lessoning environmental impact.

How does your office lessen its carbon footprint?  Share with us!

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