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Have No Fear, Help Is Here (and it’s online!)

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Isn’t good customer service about the small things?  Like a friendly voice on the line, an available employee to help, or a knowledgeable support specialist to answer questions?  We think so! And that’s why Black Mountain Software is pleased to introduce our new online help system. Currently available in all of our Accounting Software products and coming soon for our Utility Billing products, live help is just a click away (just run Live Update at your earliest convenience to activate).

What’s so great about the new help system? The new online help is a dynamic, web-based help system. This means we have the ability to add new help content anytime, anywhere, and it is available for viewing by the customer immediately. Read more >

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Black Mountain Software Video Series Highlighted in The Missoulian

Black Mountain Software is so excited to have been recently featured in the Montana newspaper, The Missoulian.  The Missoulian is the third-largest city newspaper in Montana, just behind the Billings Gazette and the Great Falls Tribune. We appreciate that this large newspaper would include stories from outlying towns such as Polson, which is 90 minutes north of Missoula, where the BMS Accounting Office is located.

The article discussed the making of the Small Town Stories Video Series, in which Black Mountain Software features exaggerated versions of the people and situations that City Clerks handle with grace each day; but not without mention of how Black Mountain Software gives these clerks the tools to accomplish an amazing variety of tasks with confidence and ease. Read more >

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What is Cloud Computing?

Interactions in Cloud Computing environments

There’s a lot of buzz about cloud computing, but the concept can leave some “up in the clouds” and “over one’s head”, so to speak.  So, what exactly is cloud computing?

Unlike a network server, which is a physical entity, cloud computing is a service where resources, information, and software can be accessed by multiple computers over a larger network (i.e. the Internet), allowing access to anyone in the “network” anytime, from any computer, and with the ability to share.

The article below discusses the benefits of cloud computing system over traditional server set ups, and why more companies are making the switch.  There are a lot of misunderstandings regarding cloud computing, so before deciding to make the switch, it is important to understand the benefits and the infrastructure as it applies to your organization. Read more >

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Two men, some software, and a love for Montana: The story of BMS.

When you think about Black Mountain Software, a few things may come to mind: The actual “Black Mountain” which is located just above Colorado Gulch near Helena, Montana; the small cities and towns that make up the community of BMS customers; or perhaps you think of the customized software solutions that fit the landscape of your job so well.  Each one of these associations plays a part in the BMS story, where location, community, and technology converge to provide “bigger city” solutions for small municipalities.

The story of BMS, as told by BMS President Wayne Carriere, goes something like this:

Wayne knows small towns. Read more >

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Benefits of Good Record Keeping

budgetAs the budget prep process begins for some of you for next year, we can reflect on our budget prep successes, as well as opportunities for improvements in 2013.  Because the devil is so often in the details, maybe you’ve added “better recordkeeping” to your list of personal goals.

Black Mountain Software (BMS) has an assortment of features that can help make your payables and receivables organized, searchable, and documented.   Why is this important? Because keeping a good record of receipts, invoices, bills, checks, and cash transactions can help you cross-reference payables and receivables against your budget, as well as help plan future budget activities. Read more >

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