Have No Fear, Help Is Here (and it’s online!)

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Isn’t good customer service about the small things?  Like a friendly voice on the line, an available employee to help, or a knowledgeable support specialist to answer questions?  We think so! And that’s why Black Mountain Software is pleased to introduce our new online help system. Currently available in all of our Accounting Software products and coming soon for our Utility Billing products, live help is just a click away (just run Live Update at your earliest convenience to activate).

What’s so great about the new help system? The new online help is a dynamic, web-based help system. This means we have the ability to add new help content anytime, anywhere, and it is available for viewing by the customer immediately. No more waiting for the latest version of the manual to be released!

There are two ways to access the new Help system (from within any application):

1) Go to the Help menu and click on ‘Help’
2) Hit the F1 key on your keyboard

There are several ways to search for a topic:

1) Enter a keyword in the Search field
2) Browse the Index or Table of Contents
3) Contact Support and we will email you a link to the topic you are looking for

NOTE: You will have the ability to view and print a PDF version of the online help manual, but please be aware that we will be adding new content frequently over the coming months. Therefore, we recommend consulting the Online Help system for the most up-to-date information on a topic.

At Black Mountain Software, we are committed to bringing you “big company service” with a “small company” touch.  If you know of a way we can better serve your office’s needs, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service with your suggestions.

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