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Tales of Daisy the Office Dog

by Wayne Carriere, President of Black Mountain Software

Friday, June 22nd, 2012 was National Take Your Dog to Work Day. Its purpose is to celebrate dogs and promote their adoption. But please don’t tell our Daisy dog, because she comes to work everyday already.

Daisy would be highly offended if she were limited to only one day per year. My wife Kathy and I take Daisy everywhere we go, except when we occasionally travel by air. Daisy actually gets the benefit of “dog sharing” each workday. She comes to our Black Mountain Software Helena Office each morning and stays till noon. Read more >

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How to Be Dog-Friendly and Productive at the Same Time

Established in 1996, Take Your Dog to Work Day has been a fun, and celebrated event for Americans in the workplace.  In fact, over 10,000 companies will be participating in Take Your Dog to Work Day this year, and the number of pet-friendly offices around the nation is growing. Studies have found a variety of advantages to having an animal present during the office day, including increased productivity, stress reduction, and mobility.

It is for that reason that many companies use the June 22nd Take Your Dog to Work Day to test-drive the potential of becoming a permanently “dog-friendly” work place.

Sounds simple enough, right? Read more >

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Is There a Place for Social Media in Government?

Mmmm....cake. And government info.

Nearly 60 percent use it.  Over 40 percent find it useful.  And nearly 63 percent have access to it.  Social Media.  Is there a place for it in government? According to an article in Government Technology, there is–like it or not!

But why social media?  Because social media is accessible anywhere, anytime, and by anyone, the advantages of working on a social media platform mean inclusiveness, flexibility, and timing.  Social media allows for a virtual “meeting of the minds” where fellow government personnel can converse despite location, time zones, and even language barriers. In fact, city governments in Seattle, New York, and California are all making social media more of a priority in their cities, hoping to lessen the digital divide. Read more >

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Small Town Stories: Grenora, ND

Black Mountain Software loves “Small Towns,” and so we decided to start a series, “Small Town Stories,” inspired by the small towns and cities that motivated BMS to create software made with BIG features for SMALL cities.

This month’s Small Town Story was inspired by a new client of ours from Grenora, North Dakota.  Grenora is located in the upper Northwestern corner of North Dakota, 30 miles from the Canadian border.  A quick search of Grenora on Wikipedia unveiled its specialness, and we couldn’t help but consider it for our feature.

What makes Grenora so special? Well, its small town charm is something to talk about.  And when we say “small”, we mean “small.” Grenora’s population hovers around 244! Read more >

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