Small Town Stories: Grenora, ND

Black Mountain Software loves “Small Towns,” and so we decided to start a series, “Small Town Stories,” inspired by the small towns and cities that motivated BMS to create software made with BIG features for SMALL cities.

This month’s Small Town Story was inspired by a new client of ours from Grenora, North Dakota.  Grenora is located in the upper Northwestern corner of North Dakota, 30 miles from the Canadian border.  A quick search of Grenora on Wikipedia unveiled its specialness, and we couldn’t help but consider it for our feature.

What makes Grenora so special? Well, its small town charm is something to talk about.  And when we say “small”, we mean “small.” Grenora’s population hovers around 244! Maybe that’s why the city’s motto, “Friendliness lives here–you’re only a stranger once” is so true to form.  With a population of a couple hundred, you won’t be a stranger for long.

People aren’t the only long-term inhabitants of Grenora; Grenora is home to a large pheasant population.  And while Grenora offers all the convenient amenities a small town would hope for: senior center, gas station, credit union, restaurant, bar, churches, and housing; it is its location, in the center of “pheasant county” in the Bakken Formation, with easy access to hunting and fishing, which makes it a sportsman’s paradise.

Founded in 1916, Grenora is literally located at the end of the Great Northern Railway, which inspired its name: “Gre” (from Great), “Nor” (from Northern), and “Ra” (from Railway). Although the tracks, which were present until 2002, no longer exist, its historical rail roots are abundant throughout.

Grenora, with its abundance of jobs within easy driving distance, excellent school system, and small town roots, make this a great place to live and raise a family within the confines of a safe, caring community..

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