Tales of Daisy the Office Dog

by Wayne Carriere, President of Black Mountain Software

Friday, June 22nd, 2012 was National Take Your Dog to Work Day. Its purpose is to celebrate dogs and promote their adoption. But please don’t tell our Daisy dog, because she comes to work everyday already.

Daisy would be highly offended if she were limited to only one day per year. My wife Kathy and I take Daisy everywhere we go, except when we occasionally travel by air. Daisy actually gets the benefit of “dog sharing” each workday. She comes to our Black Mountain Software Helena Office each morning and stays till noon. That gives her plenty of time to get some good attention from the Utility Billing Support Staff, and browse under each desk for any hint of dropped food. She also has time to take a nice nap next to my desk or on the couch in my office.

Anyone who ever wants to sit on that couch must always be warned about stray fur – especially those wearing black. When wearing black pants, you will surely be the beneficiary of extra leaning, thereby providing you with additional experience with a lint brush. At lunch time, Kathy and I take Daisy on a walk near the golf course. That gives her the chance to visit with other walkers and dogs. More importantly, however, it gives her the opportunity to seek out squirrels, the occasional cottontail, and sometimes even a cat. After our walk, Daisy goes home with Kathy for an afternoon of lounging around the house and sleeping on the lawn. There is also a small pile of sand in the shade that she seems to really enjoy for naps – warm and soft in the summer.

For years now, we have encouraged her to “find the squirrel” on our walks! One day when Kathy was walking Daisy alone, there was a noise in a bush near the sidewalk. Daisy ran out to the end of her leash and into the bush. She promptly came out with a live squirrel in her mouth. My wife was horrified and immediately scolded Daisy. She told her to drop the squirrel immediately, which she did. It ran off, none the worse for wear, except most-likely for a highly elevated heart rate. My wife then proceeded to scold Daisy and tell her that she was a “BAD DOG.” It has always been apparent that the term “BAD DOG” is the most dreaded thing that could possibly be said to Daisy. She thinks that her most important duty in life is to make sure that Kathy and I are both happy. When we are not, Daisy doesn’t like it. If you tell her “BAD DOG”, she immediately wants to do anything that will make those bad words and tone go away. My wife and I laughed about how we could ever think that we could expect Daisy to not go after a squirrel, when we have been telling her for years to “find the squirrel.” Oops!

Aside from the “Great Squirrel Incident,” her most harrowing experience was with a cat. Our neighbors had a cat that occasionally passed through our yard. One day the cat was there when we took Daisy outside for a short walk. Of course, before we could stop her, Daisy ran the cat part-way up a large pine tree. The cat was hanging tentatively by its claws about six feet up the tree when it lost its grip and fell.

Daisy wears a bandana. Unfortunately the claws of one of the cat’s front feet got caught in that bandana. Daisy immediately backed up and began spinning with the cat extending out from her bandana. The cat held on with one set of claws in the bandana while swiping Daisy in the face with her other set of front claws. Each time Daisy spun around she would give us a “look.” You could clearly sense that she was thinking: “What am I supposed to do now to get out of this?”

We were laughing so hard at the situation that we were slow to react to stop it. However, after three or four revolutions, the cat detached from the bandana and ran off. For the first time ever, Daisy decided it might be in her best interests not to pursue that particular cat. After cleaning up a few bloody scratches on her nose and lips, and healing for a few days, Daisy was completely back to normal. The end results were that, (1) the cat doesn’t seem to visit as much anymore, and (2) Daisy now prefers to observe, whine, or bark at cats from the safety of the back seat of our car, leaning out the window. As it turns out, this is not only best for Daisy, but also great for cats in general. Life is good!

In closing, one tip to keep in mind regarding taking your dog to work is that all staff members should be reminded that if they have a plate of food sitting on their desk, it would be better to place it on the floor. Oh, by the way, that tip came directly from Daisy.

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