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Black Mountain Software: Makes Customers Happy

We love what we do, and when President Wayne Carriere and Vice President Jack Liebschutz  decided to form Black Mountain Software, keeping customers happy with “big city software solutions for small municipalities” was what it was all about.

That’s why we are so excited to have been featured recently in the Daily Inter Lake article, “Black Mountain Software Keeps Customers Happy.”  In it, the writer talks about our fund accounting and utility billing software, our journey, and our future:

It wasn’t until about 10 years into its existence that Black Mountain Software lost its first client.

In spite of its near-perfect rate of client retention to that point,  Black Mountain vice president Jack Liebschutz said “it was very traumatic.

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How-To Time: Recording Official Meeting Minutes

English: The penultimate Minneapolis City Coun...

The decisions that cities make affect the lives of the residents. It is for that reason that all decisions need a thorough record of how they came to be.  One way to ensure that the decision process is accounted for is to maintain a good record of meeting minutes.  It’s not just a good idea—it’s the law!

The catch is, meeting notes of record are only as good as the clerk who recorded them.

How can you be sure that your meeting minutes make the grade?  By ensuring all major items of record are recorded, and do so using the correct tools and procedures. Read more >

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Can’t Get Enough? Join the City Clerk Cafe!

Recently, we saw this post on a listserv we subscribe to:

“I was just on the website.  They have a blog format for city clerks across the country,  City Clerk Café   I know we are all busy [but] if you have a few free moments it may be worth perusing from time to time…Thanks BMS for another tool!”

Thanks Julie Lazaro! We really appreciate the kind words about our blog!  At the same time, we wanted to let our blog readers know about another resource available to them: The City Clerk Cafe on LinkedIn. The City Clerk Cafe, which was launched earlier this year, has become an exciting and informative place for clerks all around the US to gather and discuss topics close to them.  Read more >

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Reasons Data Backups Fail

Backup Backup Backup - And Test Restores

In an era where cell phones remember phone numbers for us, money can be transferred without ever writing a check, and entire business transactions can be done on the Internet, data has become bigger–and more important–than ever.

But what would happen if that cell phone was lost, or there was no record of that transaction, or the internet was down?  What then?

As more transactions become paperless and digitized, and as the world of business becomes more integrated with IT, our vulnerabilities are growing about as quickly as our data volume.

Truth be told, data dumps, failed backups, and hard drive crashes are not as common or threatening as they once were, and they are preventable.  Read more >

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Good News: BMS’ Customer Satisfaction Survey

by David Tyler, BMS Marketing Manager

Not too many of us love taking surveys, or designing them and compiling piles of data–unless maybe you majored in market research! But both customers and companies typically realize that there are mutual benefits to customer satisfaction surveys.

At Black Mountain Software, we receive mostly very positive input on our utility billing software, fund accounting software and customer support surveys, but we still believe that no matter what the results are, each and every survey that is filled out and returned to us is “good news.” Why?

First, even if a customer’s survey would happen to have criticisms or show dissatisfaction, that’s important feedback for us to know. Read more >

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Black Mountain Software Participates in E-waste Recycling

Black Mountain Software was able to recycle nearly 1000 pounds of E-waste as a part of 3rd annual “E-rase Your E-waste” event put on by Lake County Recycling in Polson, Montana. E-waste is electronic-waste. It is used, broken or obsolete electronic equipment, such as computers, printers, cellular phones, TVs, cameras, electric appliances and any device that has electronic components.  BMS collected numerous nonfunctional monitors, flat panel monitors, printers, and computers for this recycling event.

Electronic waste has become a serious concern as a growing number of electronic products are discarded in landfills every year. Electronics contain toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury that can leach out into the soil, damage the environment and create health risks.  Read more >

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