Good News: BMS’ Customer Satisfaction Survey

by David Tyler, BMS Marketing Manager

Not too many of us love taking surveys, or designing them and compiling piles of data–unless maybe you majored in market research! But both customers and companies typically realize that there are mutual benefits to customer satisfaction surveys.

At Black Mountain Software, we receive mostly very positive input on our utility billing software, fund accounting software and customer support surveys, but we still believe that no matter what the results are, each and every survey that is filled out and returned to us is “good news.” Why?

First, even if a customer’s survey would happen to have criticisms or show dissatisfaction, that’s important feedback for us to know. Our clients are our source of income and are how we help provide employment in our communities. Caring about client satisfaction and valuing client feedback is what has allowed Black Mountain Software to grow steadily for 25 years. Getting a little constructive criticism from time to time has definitely helped us provide better products and service through the years, or helped us get back on track if we’ve strayed a bit.

Second, often the information we receive from the hundreds of clients who take our annual satisfaction survey triggers ideas among our staff: ideas for new products, ideas for support improvement, ideas for process changes. We love considering new ideas and figuring out how they might work for us and our fund accounting and utility billing software customers. And a new idea that comes from a client is particularly valuable because the resulting product, service or process will likely help us meet the needs of many more clients.

Finally, at Black Mountain Software we are fortunate to have our survey results actually BE good news – meaning, overall we receive high customer satisfaction scores.  It’s reassuring to our staff to see data and comments that reflect mostly very happy customers, and it’s motivating to see areas where we have the opportunity to work hard this year in order to “move the needle” further up the satisfaction score bar in next year’s survey results.

Thank you to all who participated in the 2012 BMS Customer Satisfaction Survey.  We truly appreciate each person’s feedback and the opportunity to better understand your needs and our performance.

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