Can’t Get Enough? Join the City Clerk Cafe!

Recently, we saw this post on a listserv we subscribe to:

“I was just on the website.  They have a blog format for city clerks across the country,  City Clerk Café   I know we are all busy [but] if you have a few free moments it may be worth perusing from time to time…Thanks BMS for another tool!”

Thanks Julie Lazaro! We really appreciate the kind words about our blog!  At the same time, we wanted to let our blog readers know about another resource available to them: The City Clerk Cafe on LinkedIn. The City Clerk Cafe, which was launched earlier this year, has become an exciting and informative place for clerks all around the US to gather and discuss topics close to them.  Unsure about whether the City Clerk Cafe is the right place for you?  Check out these common questions about the Clerk Cafe, and decide for yourself!

Why join the City Clerk Cafe?

With over 400 members, the City Clerk Cafe provides the perfect opportunity to interact with fellow clerks across the nation in the No. 1 professional networking group for city clerks in the US.  Ask for advice, download manuals, discuss topics that affect your job, and discover new tools and resources.

What do I need to join the Clerk Cafe?

A job in a City Clerk or related field, and a LinkedIn profile.

What type of topics are discussed on the Clerk Cafe?

Any topics as they relate to clerk job function and/or city government are discussed on the Clerk Cafe.  The most popular topics being discussed right now are these conversations:

1. Mentoring. Oregon has a mentoring program for new municipal clerks and recorders…do you? What has your experience been like as a mentor/mentee?

2. Going Paperless. To you all who have successfully transitioned to paperless on some level, how did you get your leaders on board? Did you prepare a proposal (or was one presented to you)? If so, what were some of the things that won them/you over?

3. Sharing of Position Manuals. Have any of the city clerks created a “position manual” outlining their duties/responsibilities with charts/calendars/etc.?

4. Lifelong Learning. Upcoming conferences, webinars, seminars, and classes for city clerks.

5. Technology in the Workplace. To what extent have Clerks found success in leading cities to technology improvements or educating elected officials to what is available and what the potential is with technology use?

6. Clerks in the News. Submit your stories, comments, or articles about Clerks you see in the news here.

What is the advantage of LinkedIn over current Listserv’s?

LinkedIn takes Listserv’s the next level.  While we recommend continuing to follow listserv’s that you find helpful, joining a LinkedIn group has many benefits, to include:

  • Ease of connecting and networking with fellow clerks
  • Organized feed and search with an easy-to-read format
  • Options for organizing and sharing information
  • Integration with social media accounts
  • Options for quantity of updates receive via email (when posted, once daily, once weekly, only certain discussions, no updates)
  • LinkedIn is the most widely-used social media medium used by government workers

One final reason to consider the Clerk Cafe?  LinkedIn has announced it will soon integrate with the newest version of Microsoft Office!

If this group sounds interesting to you, we encourage you join and welcome any ideas for improving the group We look forward to connecting with you!

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