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Five Questions About Govt Accounting You Need To Know, But May Not Ask

In August of 2007, the GFOAz gave a presentation called “Governmental Accounting: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You.” We thought this was an interesting title. At the same time, we understand that when new clerks are approached with words like “FASAB”, “GAAP”, “Fund Accounting,” and “MFBA”, as important as these terms are to understand, it can be intimidating to ask.


So we took five questions from this presentation and summarized them, hoping that for some of you it will help clarify the principles behind government accounting…from the privacy of your own computer.

1. How is Government Financials Different Than the Private Sector? Read more >

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Rules of Engagement for Social Media on Government Time

Social Media Outposts

Earlier this year, we talked about how 60 percent of government workers are using social media, 40 percent find it useful in their jobs, and 63 percent have access to it at their work.  And since we are nearing the 500-member mark on our LinkedIn resource page—the City Clerk Café—it is no surprise to us that there is a time, and a place, for social media in the government.

But whether you are a beginner, or well-versed in social media, you have probably had questions from time to time about how to engage in social media, and what the appropriate etiquette is for this new media. Read more >

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One More Way to Make Payday a Great Day!


Did you know that 60 percent of our Payroll customers are already enjoying the ease and time savings of direct deposit? Why? Because direct deposit saves time, effort, and money, while all the same time keeping employees out of those long Friday bank lines!

Clerks know that processing payroll payments in an organized and timely manner is essential. Paychecks can’t be late, they must be accurate, and clerks are often in the position of having to process them within a short window of time. Talk about pressure!

What can ease some of that pressure? Adding the ACH Direct Deposit module to your Payroll software! Read more >

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Trend Alert – Dropbox and Similar Cloud Services

We’ve been notified of a trend happening, and no, we’re not talking colored denim and tribal prints!  We’re talking about Dropbox, a cloud-related service where your photos, documents, and videos are stored virtually and can be accessed from your phone, computer, laptop, or reader.  Why are people flocking towards Dropbox and similar cloud services?

  • Simplicity.  Work from any computer or internet device and your work is automatically saved to the cloud.  Files are never unintentionally lost, moved, or stored on the wrong devise.
  • File Sharing. Because everything is stored in this virtual space, there is no need for CD’s, USB drives, or emailing of files for future access.
  • Read more >
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