One More Way to Make Payday a Great Day!


Did you know that 60 percent of our Payroll customers are already enjoying the ease and time savings of direct deposit? Why? Because direct deposit saves time, effort, and money, while all the same time keeping employees out of those long Friday bank lines!

Clerks know that processing payroll payments in an organized and timely manner is essential. Paychecks can’t be late, they must be accurate, and clerks are often in the position of having to process them within a short window of time. Talk about pressure!

What can ease some of that pressure? Adding the ACH Direct Deposit module to your Payroll software! Your existing payroll accounting process remains essentially unchanged, and employees have the flexibility to choose either printed checks or electronic direct deposit to any combination of accounts and institutions. Since many employees prefer direct deposit (in the US private sector, 56% of the workforce is paid by direct deposit; the figure is 95% for the US Federal Government), payroll administration costs are reduced due to time savings and lower materials costs. Companies report savings of more than 40 cents in processing costs for each paper check converted to direct deposit!

To learn more about how Payroll Direct Deposit can reduce your “paycheck pressure,” call our Sales team at 800-353-8829.

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