Small Town Stories: Scobey, MT

Which town in Montana has a courthouse that used to be a brothel, people as its second-largest export, and 35 renovated historic buildings which now host amenities such as a trapshooting range and a hydrotherapy pool?  It’s Scobey, Montana, and this town has a whole lot of character jam-packed into its tiny one-square mile footprint.

Scobey may be a small town, but there’s no lack of personality in this community.  In fact, the many restored buildings have been much of the buzz around town for years, possibly beginning as far back as 1915 when what is now the Daniels County Courthouse was home to One-Eyed Molly’s, a “house of ill repute.”

Beyond the courthouse, Scobey is home to a newly expanded school complex, a newly renovated hospital and nursing home, a full service airport, a 9-hole golf course and clubhouse, municipal pools, ball parks, a movie theater, two grocery stores, and several other industrial and professional service buildings. Scobey is hoping their “progressive mind” and many amenities will eventually attract a new import–people–to join them and help them move the needle on their steady population of just over 1000.

Located just 14 miles south of the Canadian border, the four-season climate contributes to Scobey’s main export: wheat.

Residents take advantage of the 2-1/2 hour drive to Regina, Saskatchewan, the provincial capital, to enjoy this large, culturally diverse metropolitan area filled with sports, music, museums and shopping.

So if you’re every passing through, give Scobey a big hello, and take note of the many restored buildings.  You can have fun imagining what they may have been back in the Pioneer days!

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  1. Darlis
    Posted November 15, 2012 at 11:16 am | Permalink

    I grew up near Scobey. It’s a great little community, with hard-working people, wide open spaces, and a reputaion for good planning. One look at these photos and you understand why Montana is called “Big Sky Country.”