Winner of Tea Drawing Announced

We are excited to announce Angela Kamm of Isla Vista Recreation & Park District (an unincorporated community of around 23,000 adjacent to Santa Barbara, California) as the winner of our Free Tea/Software contest!  Angela was excited too, stating that being announced as winner is “Totally Amazing!” and “Perfect!”  And how could the chosen winner have been more perfect?  Angela is not only originally from the tea-drinking country of England, but she only drinks organic tea  – which, coincidentally, is exactly the kind of tea we put our name on for this marketing campaign.

“You couldn’t have found a better winner! I don’t drink coffee, I don’t drink alcohol. My favorite afternoon delight is relaxing over a cupa’ tea! And that’s C-U-P-A with an apostrophe!” said Angela.

As the winner, Angela had her choice of free accounting and billing software courtesy of Black Mountain Software, or a year’s supply of tea, inspired by our tea campaign in which 6,954 tins of delicious Black Mountain Cherry Tea were delivered to the mailboxes of county, city, utility, and school district employees around the country. The tea was also offered to prospective clients at one of the many municipal and school conferences BMS attended throughout the year.  Each tea tin contained a mailer with instructions on how to enter to win free software or tea.  Entries could also be made via our website at  Our winner was drawn this week (following the entry deadline of November 30th), and Angela was the grateful recipient of the grand prize.

Angela, whose office’s financial work is handled by the County of Santa Barbara and is therefore unable to use our government accounting software or utility billing software at this time, chose the year’s supply of tea.  We are happy for her and couldn’t think of anyone better to win such a prize, given her love for organic, herbal, and flavored teas.

So, congratulations Angela!  We know once your shipment arrives, you will be sitting back with a relaxing cupa’ tea after a  busy day’s work, enjoying that beautiful beach-side view!

Which would you choose…tea or software?  Let us know by commenting below!

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