All Roads Lead to Polson, MT: The Journey of Two New Hires

Pat Cook (left), BMS County Support Specialist with David Morton (right), BMS Customer Solutions Coordinator.

Based on popular feedback following the fall conference season, we’d like to highlight a couple of Black Mountain Software’s newest members of our team: David Morton, Customer Solutions Coordinator, and Pat Cook, County Support Specialist.  Both David and Pat have “been around the county block” so to speak, and have an exciting vision for the future development of Black Mountain Software’s county customers.

Though David says he is a bit embarrassed that his experience “shows so much” that he “could use some wrinkle cream,” he is proud that his journey began—and now continues—at Black Mountain Software.  As one of the first employees at BMS in 1993, David started his days working out of Vice President Jack Liebschutz’s converted garage.  With very little computer knowledge to back him up, David put on his learning hat to help him interpret the “scroll of gibberish on the computer monitor” into something he could learn from.  Trying his hand at testing, support, training, demoing, sales, marketing, and HR—to name a few—David has learned a lot about business, making him an even bigger commodity to BMS today than he was in ’93.

Pat Cook also knows a little something about the early years of Black Mountain Software.  During her years as Lake County Treasurer, Pat and her staff used Black Mountain’s software products and modules to get their work done efficiently and accurately. Now working as a County Support Specialist at BMS, she has joined familiar faces – including two employees that she once hired at Lake County who also now work for BMS! A familiar face among clerks and treasurers across the state, Pat admits that the Montana County Treasurer’s Convention is “like a class reunion for me.”

Both Pat and David bring forth skills to take BMS in the right direction with Montana counties.  But they both believe BMS’s bones are where the good stuff starts. Says David, “Black Mountain today is a very different company than when I started. There is more specialization among employees versus in the ‘olden days’…Part of the wonderful thing about (BMS) being in business for over 20 years is that it says something about the management, our products and service.  If those components weren’t very good, Black Mountain would be gone.  This just isn’t an easy business and I am proud to be a part of it.”  Pat agrees, “ What a great place to work. Friendly staff, great product, and what is not to like about working with Clerks and Treasurers?”

Pat and David have an exciting challenge ahead of them, with the ever-evolving state of Montana’s counties (both technologically, and otherwise).  Says David, “Technology is proof that there are a lot of bright and curious people out there looking for a better, quicker, cooler way to do things.” Pat agrees, “We predict that counties will continue to need to become more efficient, and do more with less due to economic times and tighter budgets.” Part of that trend includes efficiency in information sharing and backing up, which means a shift toward Cloud computing to help eliminate problems in IT infrastructure and reduce costs.

But, as important as IT infrastructure, cloud computing, and software efficiency become, both Pat and David remind us, “Without people, what good is technology?”  Relationships with customers will still be top of mind for BMS. “People definitely still matter,” says Pat. “It is one of the reasons county governments fight for their identity. Better service to the taxpayers they work for.”

As for the future of county customers at BMS? Pat and David are on it: Pat is anxious to learn the county applications she supports and the technical side of the business.  David, on the other hand, is anxious to strengthen BMS’s position with county customers, providing superior customer satisfaction and acquiring new customers because of that dedication to customer service.  “I know we can do a better job than the competition.”

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