How-To Time: Prepping your 1099-MISC

prepping auto 1099 misc softwareSetting Up Your 1099 Object Table

Did you know? All dollars shown on forms printed from the system will go to box 7 –Non Employee Compensation UNLESS the 1099 Object Table has been defined under the Processing 1099s menu.

The 1099 Object table is used to direct ranges of 1099-applicable objects used on claims.  Determine which object numbers will be directed to which boxes using the chart below.  Remember that objects entered must be in the user’s current chart of accounts (found under the Codes/Objects menu item).  Claims coded to an account without an object will automatically report in Box 7 (Non-employee Compensation).

Box 1 – Rents

Box 3 – Other Income

Box 4 – Federal Income Tax Withheld

Box 6 – Medical & Health Care Payments

Box 7 – Non-employee Compensation

Box 14 – Gross proceeds paid to an attorney

Tip: If the Object Table is used, all objects must be put in the table.  Objects left out of the table will not be reported on 1099s.  If the Object Table is not used, all items will be reported in Box 7 (Non-employee Compensation).

To create an object table:

  1. Go to Reports\Processing 1099s \ 1099 Object Table
  2. Select Add Line from bottom of table.
  3. Enter ranges of objects in the Object From and Object To fields and the Box numbers for reporting those numbers. Lines with single objects can be entered as well.

 Printing Your 1099

Did you know? Before printing your 1099’s on actual forms, we recommend: verifying vendor files are set up correctly and verifying all vendors over the $600 limit are showing on the 1099 report.

  1. To print your 1099, first select a printing option.

Pre-printed forms: 1099’s in the Black Mountain Finance program can be printed on pre-printed forms (two per page). The Accounting program does not generate the form if you choose this option. The pre-printed forms contain two per page.

Tip: You can also purchase Copy B and Copy 2 forms in this style. You do not need to have the employer name and address information pre-printed on the forms.

 Blank Perforated Paper 1099s: If you decide to use blank perforated paper 1099s, the Accounting program will generate the 1099 for you and print on the blank paper. With this option you do not have to line up the 1099 info into the pre-printed boxes.

Tip: You can use this option to print the Copy B and Copy 2 forms to furnish to vendors.

1. Go to Reports \ Processing 1099s \ 1099 Form Print.  Print Setup screen will appear. Verify proper printer is highlighted.

Tip: If printing laser forms select the laser printer from the list and your 1099’s should print correctly.

2. Choose Print

3. Enter Year.

4. Choose order for printing: Vendor Code or Vendor Name.

5. Choose F2 for All Vendors and select OK

6. Enter through the default dollar amount of $600.00 or enter some other dollar amount if you choose.

7. Choose Form Printing Option: Either 2 to a Page – Copy A or Preprinted 1099s (Step 1, option A); or 2 To a page – Blank Perforated Paper 1099s (Step 1, option B).

8. Verify the Employer Address and ID information, select OK.

Verify Your 1099

After you have printed all 1099’s, check to make sure the total number of 1099 forms printed matches the total number of 1099’s shown on the 1099 Preparation Report. If you have trouble getting the 1099’s to align and/or print correctly, please call us.

Tip: To print vendor mailing labels go to Reports | Vendor Reports | Vendor Labels. This step is not necessary if you have windowed envelopes for mailing recipient copies.

Note: Please take the time to read over the current instructions for Forms 1099-MISC from the Internal Revenue Service.

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