Chronicles of a Montana County Road Warrior in SW Montana (Guest Blog, Part 1)

by: David Morton, Customer Solutions Coordinator and Guest Blogger for the BMS County Traveling Road Show Series

These are the chronicles of one David Morton, road warrior on a mission to solve client problems for Black Mountain’s Governmental Accounting Software.  What you are about to read is real.

Ravalli County, MT

January 16, 2013 – SW Montana County Tour (Part I), Boggy Flotsom

After a month of being off the road (enough time for the Christmas and New Year seasons to re-assemble my spirit), I packed my bag and set off yet again. This trip is another loop, but it starts off by taking me south to west-central Montana’s Ravalli County.

At Ravalli County, I met with CFO Klarryse Murphy, Treasurer Marie Keeton, and IT manager Joe Frohlich, as well as visited with a few others. We discussed some minor issues as well as ways to try and get the most from the software. Ravalli recently conducted an analysis and reaffirmed that Black Mountain is the right choice for their County’s financial accounting needs.  But they did decide to make one change: after looking at other bids, they determined that moving from our rental program to a purchase program was the right choice for them.

While in the finance office I was fortunate to meet with Jana Exner and Verona Stromberg. Jana and I discussed how to set up Report Packages and I assisted Verona with getting a new overtime time type setup correctly so, when used to pay an employee, the correct overtime rate and accounting object are applied by the system. It is something that is not done very often, and as we went through the process it came back to her. It was great to visit with everyone but by 5 p.m., it was time to go.

Lost Trail Pass

I headed south from Hamilton along the Bitterroot River, the valley jewel, displaying its frozen sunset glitter. Then past Darby and to the top of Lost Trail pass. In the dark I turned east over Chief Joseph pass towards the Big Hole, through Wisdom, and past Jackson where winter gave the gift of a shallow ground blizzard that obscured the road. I followed the reflectors. No problem. I’ve done this before. Then down to Dillon, the town that lives by the Beaverhead River and that is the seat of its county of the same name.

I hadn’t eaten, so at 8:30 p.m., I found my way to a local sports bar called the Lion’s Den. I should have had a salad but instead enjoyed the most interesting pork chop sandwich.  At the Lion’s Den, they start with a fresh boneless chop and pound it down thin, resulting in about a 10″ round. It is then seasoned, lightly breaded, cooked tender and put into a standard bun. At first glance, it looked as if I had a pancake burger. With knife and fork I worked all around the bun until I had a sandwich I could handle. It was yummy.

Finally, rest. And then rise the next morning, and off on my way to Beaverhead County.


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