Heartbeat Data Monitoring

Inevitable business-process and workplace changes mean that providing excellence is a moving target and must be chased. We at BMS take very seriously the quality of the tools we provide to our customers. We have a fundamental drive to know what is going smoothly, and where things are less smooth in your daily workflow, so that we can continue to provide excellent products.

We know that your workday and responsibilities change over time. This requires that the tools you use to do your job also change to meet these new challenges. When possible, we try to predict the course of these workplace changes to have solutions ready for you when you arrive.

With this goal in mind, we have initiated new system capabilities that will help us in many ways. One of those ways is better information to drive decisions as to where effort and resources should be applied. For example, it is now easier for us to see patterns across our customer base regarding error messages. Think “OnStar” for your software. This allows us to resolve software issues that affect the largest number of clients and thus does the most good.

These new capabilities will manifest themselves in a number of ways in the coming months. For example, if you call our support team regarding a system issue, we may be able to look up information regarding the issue that gives diagnostic data useful to our support and engineering staff. This diagnostic data will allow for you to get on with your workday, and for our staff to find solutions, more quickly.

We at BMS look forward to further improving the flow of information between ourselves and our clients. If you have any questions about these new capabilities, and what they might mean for future software improvement, please feel free to contact me at chrism@blackmountainsoftware.com or 800-353-8829.


Chris McGuinness
BMS Director of Engineering


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