Sweet Satisfaction for the Low, Low Price of Free

By David Tyler, BMS Marketing Manager   

BMS Cookies: Sign, Sealed, Delivered

When December rolls around, Christmas cards isn’t the only big project on the Black Mountain Software Marketing team’s “To Do” list.  December is the month our Sales and Marketing staff members get together and decide on the components of the upcoming year’s direct mail and conference programs – basically, we plan our key outreach efforts to prospective clients.  From a mind-boggling array of options, we choose the gift we will customize and mail in early March to prospective fund accounting and utility billing software clients.  The giveaway gift item will then begin making appearances at our conference booths across the country shortly thereafter.

The cookie contenders: lined up and ready for taste evaluation

If you’ve received a direct mail package from Black Mountain Software in the past, or if you have visited our booth at a conference, you know we put a lot of thought and effort into our gifts.  Our gift just couldn’t reflect our company and products very well if it were not a cut above the ordinary.

We decided on an extraordinarily good gift in December, and everyone was happy that it once again involved an afternoon of taste-testing.  We then spent the next two months designing and ordering everything from package labels to shipping boxes.  Finally, during March 4th to 6th, 5,850 customized blue boxes left a mailing facility in Seattle for delivery to clerks at municipal government offices and special districts from Alaska to Georgia.

The taste tests begin!

Our gift this year is a big, decadent gourmet cookie that is chock-full of white chocolate chips and rich macadamia nuts.  It is made of premium ingredients and is preservative-free, making it about as good for you as something so incredibly rich and sweet can possibly be.

The winning cookie is bursting with macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips!

We hope you feel happy and satisfied when you indulge in Black Mountain Software’s Macadamia Nut White Chocolate Chip cookie.  It’s a little glimpse into what life with Black Mountain’s software is like – Sweet!

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