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When Two Worlds to Collide: Education and Government

How can city government play a greater role in improving local education…and should they?

Of course, education is a concern for everyone in the community.  Education ensures the future of our children and communities.  More and more, government officials are being urged to play a greater role in the education system, and they are making education initiatives the platform for their campaigns.

But how easy is to bridge the gap between government and the education system?  Here are eight tips for aligning education and government to help both groups unify and form better school initiatives.

1. Talk about the good.  Though budget cuts, larger class sizes, and school official salaries make for easy target practice, it is important to focus on what schools have been able to accomplish—often with so much less: less funding, fewer teachers, and a smaller amount of resources.  By doing this, government is acknowledging there is a gap between what needs to be done, and what is being done; then recognize this gap isn’t solely a product of school administration. Read more >

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Small Town Stories: Donalsonville, Georgia

“Our neighbors are friends, and strangers soon become neighbors, as our friendly people are our number one asset” — Donalsonville Chamber of Commerce website.

This month’s small town story is none other than Donalsonville, Georgia, a town rich in education, health care, relationships, and history.  Donalsonville, a long-time client of Black Mountain Software, came to the top of our list of small cities to write about following publicity celebrating their downtown revitalization program.  Donalsonville appears to be a town full of charm and forward-thinking enthusiasm.  In fact, “making life better here” seems to be a theme for Donalsonville residents, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Donalsonville “BetterWay” Committee, who are teaming up to restore the downtown area. Read more >

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How to Survive in a Good Old Boy’s Club: Women in Government

Global business leaders are predominantly male. Males make up the majority of politicians, too. And of the 500 Fortune 500 companies, only 17 percent of those board seats are held by women.

The number of college-educated women in America far surpasses the number of men with degrees, but it seems the world of business and politics are still dominated by the good old boys’ club. It seems like women, who are often underrepresented in council meetings, board meetings, and meetings of elected officials, maybe don’t have as much say as you’d think regarding decisions about the cities they live in, schools they send their children to, and policies that affect women. Read more >

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