10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Office

Spring Cleaning Garage Sale at the Polson office resulted in some items being re-purposed, some items finding a new home, and some items going off to Goodwill. . . and a much cleaner supply closet!

A few of us at Black Mountain Software recently packed up our desks and cabinets and moved to new office spaces in our building.  Among the dust and stacks of old papers and files, we found that we were long overdue for a little document scanning, paper recycling, and uncluttering.  What better time than spring, to…well, spring clean the office!  So that’s exactly what we did.

Spring cleaning your office doesn’t just mean clearing off a suitable workspace.  Check out our ten ideas for adding a spring cleaning touch to your office, as inspired by our own spring cleaning efforts!

10 Ideas for Spring Cleaning Your Office:

1. Sort through the paper.  Separate documents into the following piles: Shred, Recycle, File, Scan/Upload, and To-Do.  Then shred, recycle, file, and upload as specified.  You can clean away a lot of space by digitally filing documents away.  You will also be surprised what kinds of things you’ll find in your “to-do” pile (whoops, did I forget to do that?).

2. Sort through your electronic files.  Spring is the perfect time to sort through your digital files as well.  Put floating documents into the right folders, get rid of old documents, and determine a naming system for files you use all the time.  If your desktop looks more like a document collage, now is a good time to sort through those as well.

3. Dust off the old computer.  A nice screen clean, blowing out of keyboard keys with compressed air, and a good keyboard and mouse wipe-down will have your computer looking in tip-top shape (and rid them of the accumulation of germs, crumbs, and other debris collected over the years).

4. Run your computer updates.  If you haven’t done so in a while, why not run a system check to update all your software?  It can be time consuming, so you may want to do this just before you head out of the office for the day, and let it run overnight.

5. Add a little bit of “you.” What does your office say about you?  Is orderly, or a mess?  Does it lack personality?  Does it need freshening up?  Now is the time to organize your office to meet your needs.  You can also add touches of your personality to your office with colorful flowers or plants, a fish, or a funny wall calendar.

6. Change your computer wallpaper and screensaver.  You will be surprised how much of a difference a little change of wallpaper can make.  Update your computer screen with something that makes you happy–your favorite vacation spot, a picture of your puppy, or a picture of your family that captures a great moment.  This simple change can brighten your whole day!

7. Pay attention to ergonomics.  Now is the time to make sure your office is as comfortable as possible.  Take a good look at your workspace.  Is your chair at the proper height and posture?  Is your computer screen high enough?  Are the screen settings and brightness at the right level?  All these things can add up to make your office experience more comfortable and pleasant.

8. Return borrowed items.  We all have things that don’t belong to us floating around: that library book, that pen you borrowed, or that umbrella you should have returned months ago.  Return what’s not yours–it will free up space and make your co-workers happy when they rediscover the treasures they lent out.

9. Create a space for everything.  To ensure your spring cleaning efforts will last, create specific places for all items.  If there’s a place to put it away, it will more likely be put away.  Keep the stuff you use all the time close at hand, and put away the stuff you don’t.

10. Maintain what is yours.  Water your plant.  Clean your fish tank. Get rid of the abused cactus garden.  Cleaning up these items will bring new life into your office, and maybe, your fish.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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