Small Town Stories: Lake Panorama Association, Iowa

lake panoramaBlack Mountain Software is excited to feature the Lake Panorama Association in Iowa as our “Small Town” feature this month.  Anyone who enjoys lakeside leisure would understand why Lake Panorama is an obvious choice; but this place is also home to Black Mountain’s 500th client in our 24th state, which makes it particularly special to us!

As the largest private lake in Iowa, Lake Panorama has 1,400 acres of water surface, and over 30 miles of casting shoreline. The lake is managed by the Lake Panorama Association, which was established 83 years ago and has 1,750 members who represent the 1,000 residents that occupy the land surrounding the lake. The association has more residents than many of our small city clients, so it’s easy to understand their need for automated meter reading interface software and a streamlined Utility Billing system. Black Mountain Software was a great choice for them.

lake panoramaThough plans for the lake date back as far back as 1931, this man-made lake is actually in its youth.  During the 1960’s, plans to dam the Middle Raccoon River to form the lake were presented as part of an economic development tool for Guthrie County. Property owners bordering the Middle Raccoon River were contacted and by 1962, most of the needed lands were placed under contract.  A contest was conducted a few years later to name the lake, and 23 people agreed “Lake Panorama” was the right choice. By July 1965, the Mid-Iowa Lakes Development Corporation was formed to move the progress of the lake, and stock was sold for $2 a share to fund the project.

By 1967, the corporation received approval by the state to build the dam, and by 1968, 900 of the lots had been sold along the soon-to-be lake.  Construction began on the dam in 1969, and at 5:30am on June 8, 1970, the dam gate was closed and Lake Panorama was born.

The non-profit Lake Panorama Association still remains today to protect the rights and interests of property owners along the lake, as well as spread news and information about the lake and plan lakeside events.

Lake Panorama abounds with recreational opportunities for lake residents and their guests, including boating, jet skiing, water skiing, fishing, and three large beaches for swimming and picnicking.  There is also a public golf course along the lake for county residents to enjoy. The marina has room to house 68 boats in its slips, and there are even two full-service campgrounds on location. Recreationalists along the lake have the opportunity to see wildlife that frequent the lake, including deer, waterfowl, quail, pheasants, and wild turkey.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about Lake Panorama, however, is just how correct the founders of the lake were about its economic value.  Today, the lake itself has a greater value than all the Guthrie County cities combined!  But sorry, many of the features of this lake are reserved for residents only, so if you want to enjoy a piece of this lakefront panoramic beauty, you will have to search the local real estate listings for available homes and lots along the lake.

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