Use Your Head(set) and Avoid a Pain in the Neck

By: Julia Caro, Utility Billing Support Team Lead

Are you using a telephone headset on the job? Why and what kind?

Davin Blixt, Utility Billing Support Specialist, uses a cool over the ear wireless earpiece. With the number of calls he takes each day a regular telephone handset would definitely cause neck strain.

But beyond the mere ergonomics of it, there are many advantages headsets, for example, headsets allow Davin and other Utility Billing team members to immediately open up client files and computer tabs while on client calls.  Using a handheld phone while trying to do this would not only be difficult, but it would decrease efficiency, slow down the process, and decrease customer service.  Because we believe investing in equipment will help increase the overall customer service experience, we encourage our staff to use efficiency-increasing equipment such as headsets.

Here is a list of other advantages of telephone headsets that we found since implementing headsets at our offices.

Pros of using a telephone headset:

  • Headsets relieve and prevent neck strain for users who spend much of their workday on the phone.
  • Wireless headsets allow for freedom of movement so the user does not feel tethered to the phone.
  • Most phones are compatible with many styles and brands of headsets, so you can find one that suits your comfort and needs.
  • Headsets free up the user’s hands for typing or taking notes while on the phone.
  • Headsets with features like volume amplifying and adjusting can help make the job easier and more comfortable for those who have sensitive hearing or are hard of hearing.
  • Two-ear headsets (like the ones we use at Black Mountain Software) block out the noise of adjacent cubicles.
  • Headsets are great for playing music while keeping the noise to yourself, while doing other tasks, such as balancing your accounts.

At the same time, headsets are not a perfect technology and there are some disadvantages to using headsets.

Cons of using a telephone headset:

  • Wearing the headset for too long can cause ears to become uncomfortable and warm.
  • Ill fitting headsets can press into or around the ear causing discomfort.
  • Improper adjustment of volume can lead to hearing problems if headset is continuously set at too high a volume.
  • Price – Some headsets are pretty spendy!
  • Headsets can mess up the user’s hairdo!

What do you think about using a headset instead of a handset?   Send us a picture of you or someone in your office using the phone via the Black Mountain Software Facebook Page!

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