How Many Monitors Are Too Many?

By: Julia Caro, Utility Billing Support Team Lead

One, two, three, four…do you have multiple monitors, like two or more?

Tim Mielke, Utility Billing Support Specialist, uses three!

In our office it’s not just convenient, it’s a necessity!

Do you need more than one, we can’t say…but these pros and cons can help decide in a big, big way.

Pros of multiple monitors:

  • Multiple monitors can increase productivity.
  • Multiple monitors allow the user to open multiple programs to be viewed simultaneously.
  • More monitors mean more resolution options, so windows are easier to read.
  • With more monitors, the need to write notes on paper is decreased.
  • Larger screen area makes dragging and dropping files, copying and pasting text, and sharing between programs easier.
  • Installation of a second monitor is easy.

Cons of multiple monitors:

  • Distractions – Having the additional monitor space might cause some users to become distracted.
  • Decreased Computer Speed – Having more space might encourage the user to keep unused windows open which can reduce RAM.
  • Desk Space – Loss of desk space where the additional monitor(s) are placed.
  • Cost – While the cost of monitors has come down significantly, this still qualifies as a con.

At Black Mountain Software, we believe having the right tools and equipment can help with the overall efficiency of our office and the client experience.  That’s why we’ve found that adding multiple monitors to the desks of our Utility Billing team gives us a competitive advantage.  Not only can our team work faster and more efficiently, having more monitors means being able to open multiple modules side-by-side on two separate screens so we never lose track of our windows when multitasking a client call and desk operation.

While setting up three monitors is a little tricky, setting up two is typically very simple. A quick Google search of “how to set up a second monitor” yields step by step instructions and even Youtube instructional videos!

Do you have two, three, four or more monitors? Send us a picture of your work station via our BMS Facebook Page and let us know what you think about multiple monitors!

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