Small Town Stories: North of the River Recreation & Park District

When Finance Director (of North of the River Recreation and Park District) Leda said to her assistant Allison, “You now have an assistant…it’s Black Mountain Software” it made us celebrate out loud!  That’s because our software DOES function like a clerk’s “right hand man” and we DO enjoy getting to know our clients and working one-on-one to meet their needs as if we were sitting in the office right next to them.

Part of that getting-to-know-you process includes finding out more about the towns, communities, schools, and districts that make up our client list.  So when North of the River (NOR) Recreation and Park District recently researched software products and made the switch to Black Mountain Software, we were sure to do our research too – and what we discovered was just how “happening” this organization is!

NOR provides recreational opportunities and facilities for the North of the River community in Bakersfield, California.  This time of the year, they stay busy with youth programs, summer camps, aquatic programs, and instructional courses around the community.

Originally established in 1955, NOR services over 91,000 community members within its 125 square mile boundary, and owns and operates around 178 acres of park lands and facilities. All this room is needed to accommodate the five school districts and over 200 classes the NOR is responsible for each year.

Among its many accomplishments, NOR manages two community gymnasiums, two children’s centers, and three school gymnasiums.  These facilities are home to a variety of after school programs, childcare programs, senior and handicapped services, nutrition centers, and meal production.

While these programs are essential for bringing needed services to the community, North of the River Recreation and Park District is in no way lacking recreational opportunities.  NOR offers everything from rock climbing to computer classes, but some of the more unusual activities include Movies in the Park, laser tag battlefields, drum line lessons, and musical theater dance.

We believe a community is only as good and the services and people who run it.  If that’s the case, then the NOR Recreation and Park District is an overachiever, providing services, parks, and facilities that make their community a better place to live.

It takes a lot to manage everything from parks, to swimming pools, to school gymnasiums, and Black Mountains Software is thrilled to assist!

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