Small Town Stories: Plevna, Montana

Plevna, MT

We are excited to welcome the town of Plevna, Montana to our Black Mountain Software family. While the Plevna School District, home of the Cougars, has been a software client of ours since 2009, we are thrilled that the town of Plevna itself is also joining our BMS family of customers.

Plevna, with a population of 162 and 90 utility customers, occupies Fallon County, Montana. First established in 1909, Plevna resides on the Milwaukee Road Transcontinental Rail Line along the Pacific Extension. Due to the number of Bulgarian railroad workers in the area at the time, the town is named after a Bulgarian city, Pleven.

Originally part of Custer County, in 1913 residents of the area successfully elected to split from Custer County and formed Fallon County, which was later split again that year to form Carter County. Then, in 1914 and 1915, the once-larger Fallon County lost even more land to form Wibaux County and Prairie County, though Plevna was one of the surviving towns that remained part of Fallon County.

The small population of Plevna matches its small geographical size. Plevna is only a little over one-half a square mile and contains no waterways. Fallon County, which encompasses Plevna, has a total landmass of 1619 square miles but contains only 2900 residents, of which the 162 Plevna residents make up almost 6 percent!

With such a small population, the vision of Fallon County is to retain its existing residents by continuously striving to achieve a higher quality of life, sustainable growth, and diversification of the local economy.

What Plevna and Fallon County lack in population, however, they achieve in rich history. Fallon County is home to the O’Fallon Historical Museum, a historical tribute to Southeastern Montana and the Baker, Montana area. Originally home to open range cattle ranchers, railroaders, and homesteaders in search of a better life, the major industries and sources of income in the area are now agriculture, natural gas, and oil production. The museum highlights this history as it takes you back to the everyday life of settlers in the region circa the early 1900’s. The O’Fallon Historical Museum is located just 15 minutes from Plevna in the Fallon County Seat city of Baker, Montana (another customer of BMS).

Welcome aboard, Plevna!  We appreciate your rich history and hope to be a part of your bright future!

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