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Cross-pollination: What Software and Search and Rescue Have in Common

What is the corporate case for supporting employee volunteerism?  That question is being asked by more and more businesses.  But if you ask Black Mountain Software, we already know the answer.

We are proud of the depth and breadth of volunteerism our employees display, and we know just what this volunteer work means to our business: better innovation, engaged employees, connection with the community, and valuable skill sets which help make better business decisions.

When skill sets are put to use outside of office, it offers employees intellectual and emotional insight into solving problems and seeking opportunities.  Volunteerism allows volunteers to gain experience and try out new skill sets which they then apply to their everyday jobs; overall reducing risk, developing their skills, building alliances, and hence, growing their business. Read more >

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5 Unique Holiday Office Party Ideas

Think you can’t possibly cram down one more wiener wrap while sitting around listening to Let it Snow at another office party this year? Or, maybe you are the one tasked with planning the perfect office party, and are sweating like a snowman in front of a fire trying to figure out how to make this year’s party fun.

Either way, you and your co-workers can have a blast at the next holiday office party by “freshening up” your traditional Christmas or holiday event.  Here are five unique holiday office party ideas that are inexpensive, unique, and fun. Time to think outside the “gift” box! Read more >

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17 Cash Handling Procedures YOUR Utility or City Office Should Embrace

Money cash

When a clerk is handling cash or other receipts and finds him/herself wondering, “What is the right thing to do in this situation?” or “Are there specific rules for this?,” it’s a sure-fire sign that training and/or procedural documentation is lacking.

When it comes to properly handling receipts, creating and maintaining a list of procedures and requirements are key to keeping books balanced, regulations honored, and questions to a minimum. Your cash handling list should be kept close by for quick reference and should be updated and re-distributed as new situations arise.

Very detailed instructions on basic procedures should be outlined for taking receipts, making deposits, and handling special circumstances such as NSF checks. Read more >

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Cost of impact fees: who pays for them and what they fund

We recently found a study done on impact fees: what they fund, what percentage is allocated where, and to whom the highest impact fees are imposed. We found it so interesting, we developed an infographic using the information to share with everyone here at the Clerk Cafe. Here are the results.

You may find it interesting to see what types of structures are charged the most, and what programs the fees contribute to.

What are impact fees?

Impact fees are fees imposed by local government on new or proposed development projects to pay for the cost of providing public services (water, sewer, gas, streets, sidewalks) to that development. Read more >

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