“Life is Sweet with Black Mountain Software” Contest Winner Announced

Codey Stocks, Contest Winner

We are excited to announce Codey Stocks as the winner of our “Life is Sweet with Black Mountain Software” prize drawing!  Codey is the Clerk/Treasurer for the Town of Dixon, Wyoming, which just happens to be a relatively new client of Black Mountain Software. The Town of Dixon purchased our utility billing and government financial accounting software this past summer, and Codey is currently in training on these products. She didn’t enter the drawing until November 7th, after receiving a reminder email that the contest end date was nearing.

On Monday, November 18th, when Codey’s name was drawn from the 145 entries we received through our online entry form, we knew we had to involve Donna Steele in the announcement.  Donna is one of our Customer Support Specialists who has been training Codey on the BMS Accounting products.

Because Codey doesn’t work on Mondays, Donna joined Lacey, a member of the BMS Marketing team, in calling Codey on the morning of Tuesday, November 19th. They started the conversation with Codey by playfully quizzing her about her recollection of the BMS Macadamia Nut White Chocolate Chip Cookie and possibly entering a contest related to that promotional campaign. “Yes, I remember,” she said, a little suspiciously.

“We heard you like cookies,” Donna said.

“Yes. Doesn’t everybody like cookies?” Codey replied, now really suspicious.

When they broke the news to Codey that her name had been drawn as the winner, they were answered by total silence. She was so quiet that Lacey finally jokingly said, “This is when you are supposed to jump up and down and yell.” Codey chuckled and said, “I am in shock. I never win anything.”

Well, Codey Stocks can’t say that anymore! As the winner, Codey has her choice of a $1,000 discount on new accounting or utility billing software for her town, courtesy of Black Mountain Software, or an assortment of decadent desserts inspired by our “Life is Sweet” campaign in which 5,850 tins of delicious Black Mountain Macadamia Nut White Chocolate Chip gourmet cookies were delivered to the mailboxes of county, city, utility, and school district employees across the country. The cookies were also offered to prospective clients at many municipal and school conferences BMS attended throughout the year.  Each cookie package contained instructions on how to enter to win free software or desserts.  Entries could also be made via our website at https://www.blackmountainsoftware.com/cookie.  Our winner was drawn following the entry deadline of November 15th.

Codey didn’t respond immediately with her prize choice – unlike the winner of our 2012 giveaway who took only about 3 seconds to answer with her prize choice of a year’s supply of tea!  She plans to talk with her City Council and see what they’d like to do; although, as the person who entered she did wonder if maybe she should be the person who gets to decide!

We are so happy for Codey and the Town of Dixon WY. Whichever prize they ultimately chose, we know they will enjoy it immensely.

Which would you choose…dessert or software?  Let us know by commenting below!

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