Small Town Stories: Deary, Idaho

Deary, Idaho

BMS welcomes the small town of Deary, Idaho to our family! Deary, with its population of 505, has lumber homesteaders who made their way there during the 1880’s and 1890’s to thank for their rural northern Idaho lifestyle.

Timber, along with agriculture, remain the main industries of Deary since its establishment in 1907.

Deary is a product of the Potlatch Lumber Company, like many of its fellow communities along the Idaho railway such as Elk River, Bovill, and Potlatch. Unlike Potlatch, however, the town of Deary was created by the sale of lots which were to be lumbered and then cleared solely for the purpose of creating homelands.

Among its more recent accomplishments, the town now has 25 active city council members, a new website, new sidewalks and landscaping, a new fire station, a new city park, remodeled high school, and new Christmas lights. That’s a lot for our software to help them keep up with!

Located at the head of the Big Bear and Texas Ridges (one is the rim of the Great White Pine Forest), the town includes the infamous Potato Hill, a volcanic vent located at 4,017 feet, which residents once called “Spud Hill.” The nearby forested reservoirs and public lands offer additional recreation for Deary residents, such as abundant camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking opportunities.

Welcome aboard, Deary! We are excited about serving you and getting to know you better!

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