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Making Uncivil Meetings Civil Again

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Have your civil meetings become uncivil? Do they look more like the chaotic clamor of an unsavory encounter you’d see on TV than the civilized, brief, and efficient protocol of a government dialog?

While no commission wants citizens to feel as though they don’t have a voice, if allowed to break protocol, civil meetings can quickly take a turn for the ugly. By following a few civic meeting guidelines, you can ensure that concerns and grievances are met, 1st Amendment rights are exercised, and the outcome is both productive and efficient. Tips for Civil Civic Meetings 1. Create a Process. Many elected officials and local governments have created processes for civil complaints and concerns which include: 1) having the citizen contact the department or agency directly, 2) if dissatisfied with the response, complete a written request for a response to said concern. Read more >
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About…Water Meters

A typical water meter register showing a meter...

We recently came across an extensive article “Tech Brief – Water Meters” in the California Water Journal (Fall, 2013) that explained in great detail the cost, installation, and types of water meters.

Since so few of us have time to divulge in a six-page article, we thought we would break it down into a cliff-note version for all our water utility billing software customers out there.

What do water meters do?

  • Provides readings to determine usage to be billed
  • Allow water utilities to bill based on usage instead of flat rate billing
  • Monitor the volume of water put out by the utility
  • Help detect water leaks in the system

What types of water meters are there? Read more >

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