Summertime, and the (utility) billing’s easy…

English: Impact Sprinkler Mechanism Français :...Don’t you wish calculating and billing sewer usage charges was as easy as…turning a faucet?  With Black Mountain Software’s usage averaging features, it can be!

Many of our water and sewer customers bill more than a flat rate for sewer charges.  Since water usage is a metered and measurable number, many utilities calculate sewer usage by calculating the amount of sewer expected to flow based on the amount of water used.

In warmer months, customers water their lawns and gardens. During this time, water goes into the ground instead of the sewer system, so it’s unfair to charge for sewer based fully on water usage. Utilities often utilize a billing method that takes this into account for seasonal watering.  In utility billing, we call this “averaging.”

Black Mountain’s Utility Billing software allows the user to set up averages for each customer automatically. This system allows users to choose which months’ data to include when calculating averages.  Users can choose whether to calculate weighted averages – meaning not including months with zero usage in the calculation–or use standard water and usage rates (the general preference is to choose weighted averages).

Black Mountain Utility Billing software for water and sewer billing also allows the user the option to calculate based on the usage average for each customer, primary customer for a given account, or combined average of primary and secondary customer(s) for that account. Allowing this flexibility makes calculating and using averages a snap!

What other billing options are available with Black Mountain Software’s averaging feature? Prior to actual billing calculation, users can run a “Sewer Averages Detail Report” for the averaging scenario chosen, and the report will demonstrate usage based on those averaging criteria.  Any data viewed can be evaluated for fairness and changed after averages are calculated.

Once the user is satisfied with the data, the system can be directed to calculate averages automatically, and the corresponding value will appear in the “Averages” box on each account’s Water Readings form. This tells the user the averages have been calculated for the account and are ready for use. The value can be edited in that field manually to enable individual corrections or adjustments.

Averaging sewer charges can enable more equitable billing for your customers. Clients can check BMS Online Help or ask our Support Team for assistance in setting up this feature, or for assistance to see if averaging is right for you.


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